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Gaming Industry Use of BitCherry Blockchain May Lead to Mass Adoption

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BitCherry (BCHC) Blockchain technology has the potential to create a new era of gaming and drive true adoption in the industry.

Blockchain technology has recently become a phenomenon in various areas of the economy, driving innovation, fostering growth, and bringing added value. Among the most noteworthy of these sectors is the gaming industry. Gaming is a use case that drives true adoption of blockchain technology by taking the incentive for the user from pure speculation to transactions on a blockchain platform. This drives innovation in development as well as consumer adoption.

According to Newzoo’s Global Games Market Report says the global gaming market will generate $159.3 billion in revenue in 2020.That would be 9.3 percent year-over-year growth. What’s more, the industry to surpass $200 billion in revenue in 2023.

BitCherry (BCHC) is the world's first scalable blockchain infrastructure based on IPv6 technology to serve distributed commerce. BitCherry blockchain technology is committed to building the connection between business Avenue blockchain technology and real society, helping traditional enterprises build a trusted distributed business environment. BitCherry BCHC Blockchain Technologies can unlock immense benefits for the gaming entrepreneur and developers by preventing fraud activities and offering a secure environment to develop, launch games or monetize them. There are many popular games that need to be purchased before using them. In such situations, BitCherry can help in buying and selling in-game assets easier with the help of cryptocurrencies in a safe way.

BitCherry (BCHC) transactional technology can be a great way to build and manage in-game currency accounts. This will help in managing the rewards the players get on winning various stages, levels, competitions, etc.

The usage of BitCherry (BCHC) blockchain development solution in gaming enables players to purchase game assets without depending on third-party payment providers to process the currency transactions.

Speculation on platforms that may find blockchain applications and tokens useful in gaming is on the rise, and the platforms are often listed on top exchanges shortly after being released. With the continued development of easy-to-use user interfaces, standards for BitCherry blockchain applications using aBFT+PoUc Consensus Mechanism to offering greater transaction speeds, and the release of items capturing the attention of audiences — acceptance by the mainstream is only a matter of time.

BitCherry (BCHC) Blockchain technology is especially suited for gaming, and gaming can directly benefit from blockchain technology, both technically as well as in unlocking value from in-game items, tournaments, character development and gamer recognition. This paves way for esports being a leader in the sports and entertainment sector, much like the internet is now.

Today, traditional media is mostly run on the internet, so perhaps through blockchain technology, all sports could one day contain elements of esports.

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