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61: Watch out 'Burning Out'

Seonyoung Chloe (she/they)
UX Art of Programming
Updated on ・1 min read

I tried to make a balance between work and studying, had to decide one part in order to make the result in the end. I think the total newbie is always afraid of getting controlled by too many advice, one thing is sure that the computer is the only thing we need to listen to like I am not sure of 'what the real advantage of Code Review', any longer. The Coding Culture is not opened to everyone and seems like it is another trend in the education business. It is my opinion, So, Self-journey is always hard to keep the consistency. I already made a decision never rush, never go back to Bootcamp. Job-ready skills might not be coming soon. Well, I still feel happy when I think of coding. Stay Healthy, Stay Strong, Stay Coding!

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