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Seonyoung Chloe (she/they)
Seonyoung Chloe (she/they)

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52: From Beginner to Intermediate

I would not think that it is possible to be the same one who originally studies mathematical background, it is such a different setting that I am just starting to approach. I chose the way of expressing the new communication through data structures and algorithms, for becoming myself. The only reason I continue to study software engineering comes from the need of understanding the world and face the problems, finally solve my own way.

I chose the project ‘Data Structures and Algorithms’. This comes again from my deductive logic, thus there should be references. The only thing I am sure about is that focusing on the invisible worth to figure out the whole logic of software engineering, in the beginning, it’s like a vanilla JS, think this is the most important to create my language system, most of all.

It is easy to find out the reasons for googling, but then, can we not know the actual reason to understand fundamental computer science? if we can, we might have the power of navigate the computer efficiently. Everyone is different, I just know to take care of my invisible worth to be who I am.

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