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Week three experience in task force 4 at Awesomity and CodeofAfrica

Greeting again my good people✌🏿!

This has been my third week at #awesomity and #codeofafrica as part of task force 4. And the week was an interesting one, where we had a lot of things to do as I am going to describe below.

The week's activities were divided into two categories as always: soft skills and technical skills.

Soft skills

In soft skills, we had two main sessions: team culture session and the communication session.

Team culture.

During the team culture session we discussed what team culture is and the importance of having a common culture as a team, and ways to build a strong team culture. We ended the session with an interesting exercise where we were asked to find what is the team culture at #codeofafrica.


During the communication session, we learned the importance of communication in a team, and what is the most efficient way to communicate in a team.

Technical Skills

During the part, we focused on two main subjects: code review and Brainstorming on the show app.

Code review

In this session, we focused on how to review codes on our team and how to give feedback on a code review we reviewed.


In this session, we had to brainstorm on how the show app will be working, where we took one use case and tried to come up with endpoints needed and the type of data we would need. And we ended the session by designing the ERD for the app.

The week ended with a group presentation of the ERD diagram we came up with as a team and received feedback.

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