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Week four in Taskforce 4 at Awesomity and Code of Africa

Hello my good people😊

Where to start from? I really don't know where to start from, because the last wasn't easy at all. But to start with let me tell you that I was an interesting week, and demanding one😪.

Our task the last work was to create all business logic for Show App and having all the end points up and running, and as if that was not enough we also had to learn a new frame work nestjs as it was the one we were going to use creating the end points. We had to work day and night to be able to learn the frame and as well deliver the end point. As you can understand it not something easy to do, but guess what we did it 🤩🤩.

We also had other two interesting soft skills sessions one on stress management which I think was really needed considering the week we were in 😂😂. An other one was with Joseph about Agile communication where we learned a lot about agile process and the it help in project success.

As you are used to it now, We ended our week with a presentation or a demo of what we did throughout the week meaning the endpoints, and Every one was impressed by our work 👌😎

Yeah, that's how my last week looked like and I am forward to what see what week 5 bring with it💪🏿. see you then.

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