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Discussion on: Note-taking software - Investigation

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Ian bradbury

I would like to add.

For Mac / iOS users. (I know these are not cross platform - but they are all over "my" platform)

iOS / Mac = Quiver. Quiver describes itself as a programmers note book. I have to say it is brilliant. In many ways it's very similar to Evernote - but where it really stands out is the ability to mix different mark up formats on a single note. Currently the iOS is read only - hopefully that will change in time.

iOS / Mac / Web = Apple Notes. The Apple Notes app has really improved in the last year or so and I think is now very capable. There is also a web interface - so maybe it can be classed as cross platform.

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Aleksey Pastuhov Author

Nice catch, I will update a list with your recommendations for Mac users! Thanks a lot!