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How will the Prince2 Agile Certification be beneficial to your organization?

For those who are don’t know what PRINCE2 is? Then PRINCE is the abbreviation for Projects in Controlled Environments. It is a set of practice-based methodologies, which are used in the Project Management field. It is claimed that every Project Manager requires learning the PRINCE2 methodologies to work effectively for any organization.
By following the PRINCE 2 methodologies, a Project Manager can definitely, widen his job horizons. Most of the companies and organizations want their Project Managers to be equipped with the practices of PRINCE 2. This is because such Project Managers tend to have more knowledge and skills to manage any project.
This is the reason why most Project Managers gain the PRINCE2 Agile Certification after gaining the Project Management certification. The PRINCE2 certification is not only a piece of certification. But it is seen as a credential of knowledge and skills of a Project Manager.

Bit of History

PRINCE 2 is a well-known Project Management framework, which is chosen by many global organizations to work on any project. The PRINCE2 methodologies were actually derived from PROMT 2 framework. PROMPT 2 stands for (Project Resource Organization Management Planning Techniques). The Central Communication Telecommunications Agency, i.e. CCTA, adopted this framework as a standard for IT project management for the government of the United Kingdom.
And later the PROMPT 2 acronym was renamed as PRINCE2. Well since then, PRINCE 2 is being adopted as the best standard for Project Management in numerous organizations across the globe.
PRINCE 2 is known for its excellence in assisting Project Managers across the globe. It is not only a framework for Project Management vertical, but it is a set of universal guidelines for Project Managers.

Types of PRINCE2 Certifications:

The PRINCE 2 certification is basically categorized into two types on the basis of experience. There is a PRINCE 2 certification for the entry-level aspirants, which is known as a PRINCE2 Foundation certification. And there is a practitioner level PRINCE2 certification, which is achieved after the achievement of the PRINCE2 Foundation certification.

1. PRINCE2 Foundation Certification

As its name suggests, the PRINCE2 Foundation certification is for the entry-level PRINCE2 aspirants. At the foundation level, one will positively learn about the fundamentals of PRINCE2, and they will also learn budget management, time management, and all perquisites to complete a project.

2. PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification

The practitioner certification is achieved by those individuals who have already achieved the foundation certification. Such individuals, tend to learn about the application and implementation of knowledge and skills, they learned at the foundation level.
Apart from these two, PRINCE2 certifications, there are PRINCE Agile Foundation Certification and PRINCE2 Agile Certification. These certifications are, crafted on the basis of agile methodologies.

Benefits of PRINCE2 certification

It is recorded that there more than a million PRINCE2 certified professionals all over the world. And it is known as one of the most popularly achieved certifications in the world of Project Management. By achieving this certification, Project Managers, across the globe, tend to excel in their careers. By achieving this certification, they gain the knowledge of practice-based methods that can be implemented to get desired results from any project.

Benefits from an Individual’s point of view

Now let’s jump into the discussion about “how the PRINCE 2 helps an individual. Well, arguably, there are various fruitful benefits of achieving the PRINCE2 certification for any Project Manager. Those benefits are:
• As the PRINCE 2 methodologies are adopted globally. The certified PRINCE2 professionals have the knowledge of communication, in a variety of major languages. This facility develops and improves the communication skills of project managers and helps them to communicate about any project with its stakeholders in a less complex manner.
• It has gained global recognition and which promotes the recognition of the project managers who achieve it.
• The method mentioned in the PRINCE2 course relies upon consistency. And this is the reason why it facilitates easy mobilization and diminishes the risk of change in project teams.
Benefits from an Organizational point of view
When it comes to any organization, then it is safe to admit that, all sorts of organizations rely upon completing projects. This is the reason why almost all sort of organizations has adopted PRINCE2 methods.
• The PRINCE2 methods are globally accepted by organizations for better governance of projects.
• The framework of PRINCE 2 is flexible enough for every type of industry.
• It not only helps in the governance of projects. But it helps organizations to re-define the structures of roles and responsibilities for any project.
• It delivers with a common mode of language that can be used to lead all participants of any project.
• It encourages an organization to focus on key strategies related to any project.
This is how the PRINCE2 methodologies help an individual and organization in the completion of any undertaken project without any hassle.

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