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How much does the CompTIA Security+ Certification Cost?

The CompTIA is basically a non-profit alliance; it is known for providing IT-based certifications to IT professionals. It provides IT professionals with vendor-neutral certifications. Such certifications are meant for those who want to excel in their IT career and who are planning to enter the world of IT.
The CompTIA actually stands for Computer Technology Industry Association, and it is seen as a trade association. And as mentioned in the above paragraph, this association is completely a non-profitable association.
The CompTIA is known for providing IT-based certification across the globe. Approximately 2.2 million individuals have achieved CompTIA certification all over the world. This certification is one of the most reputed and well-recognized certifications in the world of Information Technology.
The CompTIA was formed in the year 1982. At first, it was called ABCD or Association of Better Computer Dealers. In order to, widen its reach, CompTIA developed to become a hybrid version. This allowed the CompTIA to adopt the open-access model back in 2014. This move was basically taken for the betterment of paid members. At the beginning of this move, there was a total of 2,050 paid members. But by 2015, it expanded in a broad manner and gained about 50,000 paid members in that year. And then by the beginning of 2016, the number of paid members increased up to 100,000.
And since then, the CompTIA has never looked back. As CompTIA achieved such massive expansion, the demand for the CompTIA certifications increased rapidly in the market.

CompTIA Certification

Basically, the CompTIA certifications are categorized into some defined levels. And each level of certification is meant, various levels of IT experience. There is a certification of entry-level IT individuals, associate-level certification, and master-level certification, and there is another specialty based certification.

The levels of CompTIA certification:

Entry-Level Certification:

CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ Certification

This certification generally comprises of the basic and fundamental theories of IT. The aspirants will learn about the basic IT terminology and literacy. This is totally dedicated to entry-level individuals, who are aspiring to join the IT industry for the rest of their careers.

Expert Level Certification:

1. CompTIA A+ Certification

The CompTIA A+ certification is meant for those individuals who aspire to a Computer Technician. Basically, this is a certification that can be achieved after achieving the CompTIA Fundamentals+ Certification. This course of this certification comprises many topics, which are meant to educate an individual about the fundamentals of several technologies related to computer.

2. CompTIA Network+ Certification

This certification is basically an entry-level certification that focusses on validating an aspirant’s knowledge and skills related to the management of network-related issues in any organization. By achieving this certification, an individual becomes a Network Technician.

3. CompTIA Cloud+ Certification

This certification is meant for those who want to gain knowledge and skills related to cloud computing technology.

4. CompTIA CySA+ Certification

This certification is meant for those who aspire to start their career as a Cybersecurity Analyst. This certification validates the entry-level skills of an individual in the field of Cybersecurity Analysis.

5. CompTIA PenTest+ Certification

This certification is meant for those who aspire to learn about penetration testing. This is an intermediate level of certification, and it helps the achiever to join the field of Cybersecurity.

6. CompTIA Linux+ Certification

This entry-level certification is basically gained by individuals who desire to work with System Operations of Linux.

7. CompTIA Project+ Certification

This certification is meant for those who want to join the field of IT project management.

8. CompTIA Security+ Certification

This is the certification meant for those individuals who desire to learn about the security related to the management of IT-related assets and data.

9. CompTIA Server+ Certification

This certification is meant for those individuals who want to build their career in the management of server-specific hardware and other such systems.

Master Level Certification:

1. CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner Certification

The CASP certification is a Master-level CompTIA certification which is achieved by those individuals who have gained a decent amount of experience in IT security management.
So these are the CompTIA certifications. But in this article, we will be discussing a little bit about the CompTIA Security + certification.

2. CompTIA Security+ Certification

As the security concerns have increased at an alarming rate, most of the IT-based companies are now hunting for CompTIA Security Certified Professionals. However, the price of the training and course of CompTIA Security+ Certification has always been a dilemma for the individuals.

Cost of CompTIA Security+ Certification

There are certain vouchers and bundles of course and preparation materials for CompTIA Security exam preparation. Most of the aspirants choose to buy exam vouchers, which is necessary for appearing in the exam. And the exam voucher for each exam will cost $339 per exam.

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