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All about Crio Winter of Doing Stage 1

binay1999 profile image Binay Sharma ・2 min read

Are you stuck in tutorial hell? or Want to learn new skills as a software developer but with hands-on experience?
No worries...Just type in in your browser and you will open a door of opportunity where you can transform yourself into a skilled and industry-ready software developer.
Crio Winter of Doing is a one-of-a-kind program focussed on bringing together budding engineering talent to work on challenging projects for the most exciting startups in the country. It is India's largest tech externship program. Tech externships are experiential learning opportunities, similar to internships, but shorter and part-time, provided in partnership with tech companies.
The program is divided into 3 stages. Stage 1 helps us to understand topics like HTTP, REST API, GIT, LINUX, and CLOUD but not in a way you were doing before. Each topic is named as a byte where we first have a live class taken by industry experts. Then we move to our Crio dashboards where we first get to see the overview of what we would be doing throughout the tasks. There is a section of the taskboard that comprises various milestones. These are the part of the program which gives us tasks some. Some of these are posting to LinkedIn from the terminal using cURL, data analysis using Linux skills, deploying an app in AWS server. It also includes curious cat questions, interview questions, MCQ's, short questions, and a pool of resources provided which helps get sufficient knowledge about the topic.
The workspace is also provided with an online IDE. That means we don't need to do any installation on our local PCs.
We also had fireside chats with the brightest name in the industry which gave insights into the industry. They also shed light on how to steer ourselves towards a successful tech career. Moreover, we also learn from their rich experience.
At last we also get a flavour of Full stack development Crio Micro experience in which we build our personal portfolio websites.
Crio is the need of the hour. When only a few out of lakhs graduating every year are suitable for new-age jobs, it becomes important that we more focus on project-based learning, build real-world tech projects and become the engineer we were meant to be.

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