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A Journey in Learning and Simulating Real-World Web Development 🚀

Link to BigDevSoon:

Hey folks! 👋


It's been a while, and I'm thrilled to be back here after almost a 2-year break. Achieving goals feels great, and I can't help but share the exciting journey we've been on — a journey that led us to create BigDevSoon, a project-based platform for learning web development.

Teaming up with a Backend Developer, a UX Designer, and myself as a Frontend Developer, we poured our efforts into building a web application that aims to simulate the workflow you might encounter in your future job(s).

Short info about BDS

BigDevSoon mirrors the real-world IT scenario. You'll receive project requirements, a Figma design, and a series of tasks. Step by step, you estimate, implement, and get reviews. You'll work with a GitHub flow like a pro developer, gaining valuable experience along the way. It's all about preparing you to feel like a developer before your first day on the job. Our aim is to alleviate some of the fear and equip you with the confidence to excel.

Closing notes

Intrigued? 👀 Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks. I promised this introduction would be brief, but I have exciting content planned to explain specific concepts one by one, right on the platform.

Give BigDevSoon a try, let us know what you think, and keep an eye out for more updates and engaging content.

Happy coding, everyone! 🙇‍♂️

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need further details.

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Very cool idea. Will have to give it a whirl!