Game Off 2018 (7)

bigaston profile image Bigaston ・1 min read

A new fantastic devlog is here! (Yeah!)
Today (and last day), I work on the hybrid mecanics (to add all the flower). I've add to a sign with the information about hybrid. And I've add a rake to finish the game.


And an other little feature is the Discord Rich Presence integration! It's not very usefull but it's fun to add and I love this!

Discord Rich Presence

And the game have now a name! It's Hybrid Power! I'm not sure on it, so if you have better name, please send it to me!

It's all for now! Thanks for your feedback and for following my developpement!

Have a nice day!


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Holy crap another game dev. FINALLY, I'M NOT ALONE IN THIS SEA OF WEB DEVS!


Nice! I really be have to get back into game dev'n.


Hey, neat graphics, what engine do you use? Keep the development, seems interesting!


For the developpement I use Love2D!