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An agile and resilient mindset

It has been proven that all developers face stress sometimes despite the higher or lower number of years of experience. I am going to share my agile experience and demonstrate how positively and negatively stress influenced my career as a developer along with how I developed resilience.

It was a must that as a full-time Bootcamp intern and mobile developer at Uplus I would encounter some kind of stress. Initially, on one hand, stress encouraged me to embrace the multitasking and time management challenge. on the other hand, I was always tired and emotionally stress therefore I had to develop a resilient mindset and learn how to cope with the situation. In short, resilience is a process of adapting well in the face of adversity.

The first tip for resilience is positivity. I always felt energetic and ready to keep pushing, every single time I focused on the main reason why I joined the task force - which is to professionalize both my technical and soft skills.

Proactivity and learning from my previous week's experience helped me to adopt a new strategy for dealing with high stress. I had to start working on tasks early in the weekend so that I can have smooth stressless weekdays. That approach assisted to save time for relaxing and exercising which are the other resilience tips.

When the aforementioned tips combined with agile project management encreases project implementation pace, provides better results and ensures a healthy developer's life.

I would like to conclude by emphasizing that developing a resilient mindset takes time and consistent practices because setbacks and unexpected things that cause stress will inevitably be there when working on a project or generally in life. Also,
applying agile methodology will help to have a clear and stressless project implementation.

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