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Accurate solutions

I would like to start by answering the following 5 questions.

Why am I writing about problem-solving? Because I would like to share my professional experience with problem-solving. Why would I like to share such an experience? Because it is a very important skill to have as a developer. Why is it a crucial skill? because developers are always expected to provide adequate solutions. Why adequate solutions? because there are numerous solutions out there, some are reliable others are not, therefore we need to go through some steps to come up with the best solution. Why do we need to go through more than 1 step in order to reach the best solution? because it is the perfect iterative technique used to explore the cause and effect relationship underlying the particular problem.

This week I learned how to use critical thinking to find a better solution. I also learned cultural self-awareness by taking a 16personalities test. The test output resulted in the protagonist's personality type. With this type of personality, I was reminded that I have always to seek both personal and team success by accepting others' opinions, working hard, and keeping positive visions.

After a self-discovery and understanding of my teammates' personalities, I was introduced to business culture. Which generally combines the organization's values, visions, working style, beliefs, and habits. I learned that good team culture is demonstrated by how collaborative, communicative, and knowledge-sharing a team is. Moreover, we started collaborating using

Technically, I acquired skills in a new project management tool called Jira. And how to organize work in a way that follows agile values and principles by using user stories to sort out what is extremely valuable from what is less important. As always we sharpen our minds by taking code wars challenges.

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