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100+ Merged PRs - 30 Seconds of C++

bhupesh profile image Bhupesh Varshney 👾 ・1 min read

If you don't know what I'm talking about, see this post

30 Seconds of C++ just surpassed 100 Pull Requests.

A big thanks 💓 to all those people who contributed.

I learned a lot about opensource as a Maintainer, I literally get excited every time I get a email notification about a PR.

All thanks to hacktoberfest, and Digital Ocean.

If you would like to contribute to 30C++, see some Open Issues.

Add new methods in different header directories #31

This is for first-time-contributors : Add functions which belong to a particular header file in its corresponding .md file inside the header folder. For example std::sort belongs to algorithm header file, so make a new file inside the algorithm directory while maintaining the CONTIBUTING guidelines and formats.

See todo.txt file in different header directory to see which of the methods have not been implemented yet.

Add Run Code Links in existing code snippets #36

Add Runnable links of the code below the example. Use link name Run Code which links to a Online C++ complier conatining the example code. Use Rextester as the Online C++ Compiler (If you have a better suggesstion please comment).

Follow below steps to generate the Run Code Link.

  1. Go to Rextester
  2. Copy or write the example code.
  3. Run the code (hit F8) , see if you face any problems
  4. Save the code with the followng title format <algo_name>_30-Seconds-of-C++
  5. A permanent link will be generated , copy that
  6. Submit a PR which contains the Run Code Link just below the example.

Comment any doubts, suggesstions.

develop weekly newsletter #38

Develop a weekly newsletter for sending random code snippets to subscribers.

PS: It may take some time to review your PRs, I still hsve a bunch of them to review ;)

Feedbacks 💙

Feel free to comment what you think about 30C++.

Also I will be launching something new soon :)

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