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How Much Does Clover POS Cost?

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“Cash or Credit?” is not now only a question that conveys the number of payment alternatives offered to customers. In recent times businesses are required to serve consumers paying with smartphones, EMV cards, gift cards, and many more along with cash & credit.
Having a proper tool will be useful for brick & mortar businesses to compete with near-endless apps, online options, and make your entrepreneurial experience less painless. Thus, the Clover POS system is a very simple, helpful, and tool budget-friendly tool.
Clover is very useful for businesses and comes with fantastic features to reduce your hurdles. So, when you think about implementing Clover POS for your business, the first question that comes to your mind will be;

How much does the Clover POS cost?

Then, let me help you find out the answer, here’s how Clover’s costs pan out.
Clover offers you great competitive pricing that works as follow;
First, as per your business requirements, you need to choose the hardware that you purchase for a fixed cost
Second, you need to select one of the Software Plans based on the features you want.
Firstly, let’s take a look at the Clover hardware that you can choose as per your business requirements;

1. Clover station

Clover station cost
Clover station is the most comprehensive hardware offering from Clover. It offers an all-in-one POS system. Clover system comes with a receipt printer and a cash drawer without any extra or hidden fees.
Clover station comes with the following features;

  • Huge 14″ HD display for sharp, crisp viewing
  • High-speed printer
  • Keep your business secure it offers in-built fingerprint scanner for employee login
  • Integrated EMV reader and magnetic-stripe swiper
  • Integrated camera for barcode scanning and QR codes

Clover offers three categories of Clover Station as follow;

  • Station for full-service Restaurants: $1349
  • Station Pro for counter service restaurants: $1649
  • Station for any Business: $1399

2. Clover Mini

Clover Mini cost
Clover Mini is another full point of sale system in a smaller package. In the Clover POS system hardware offering, it is the first fully countertop option. This provides you the speed and power of a countertop POS hub.
You can enjoy the following features with Clover Mini;

  • Ability to accept multiple credit and debit payment types
  • EMV (chip + PIN; chip + signature)
  • Contactless (including Apple Pay)
  • Swipe (MSR)
  • PIN Debit
  • 7″ Antimicrobial Corning, Gorilla Glass display screen
  • Front-facing camera & Built-in printer
  • Barcode and QR code reading (using the front-facing camera)
  • On-screen signature capture
  • Multiple layers of security

The pricing for Clover Mini: $749

3. Clover Go

Clover Go cost
Clover Go is the newest addition to Clover POS Hardware. It offers you a new level of convenience that allows you to take payments from wherever they are. So, with just a click on your palm-sized Clover Go to any mobile device, you will be able to accept payments from open markets, job sites, etc.
Followings are the amazing features of Clover Go;

  • 24×7 customer support
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Accepts all payment methods including EMV, NFC, and swipe
  • Professional tech support
  • Multiple merchant accounts
  • Excellent web-based dashboard
  • Rigorous security measures

The pricing for Clover Go — $69

4. Clover Flex

Clover Flex cost
It is a Card Reader that extends support for taps, dips & swipes. You can accept all types of credit cards along with contactless & mobile payments with Clover Flex. It is perfect for your business as it does not need a lot of space and a solution to replace your printer and cash register.
Here are some of the really cool features of Clover Flex;

  • Clover Flex accepts all payments like debit, credit, NFC payments, Apple Pay, EMV chip cards, EMV chip cards, Google Pay, gift cards and cash.
  • Accepts electronic signatures on-screen; emails, texts, and stores digital receipts
  • Comes with a built-in camera and barcode scanner
  • Wireless 3G capability
  • Works seamlessly with other Clover hardware
  • Top-notch security
  • Antimicrobial Corning, Gorilla, Glass
  • 12.7cm HD display

The pricing for Clover Flex — $499
Now, you have understood all the hardware of Clover. So, you can choose one of these depending on your business requirements. Once you are done with selecting your Clover POS hardware, it’s the time for choosing the service plan.

Let’s take a look at Software Plans for the Clover POS;

1. Payment Plus: $4.95 — per month per device

Features of Payment Plus;

  • Customer Engagement
  • Collect customer feedback and information
  • Create rewards and loyalty programs
  • Create and launch promotions
  • Cloud-based reporting accessible through mobile or web apps
  • Employee management:
    • Employee clock in & permissions
    • Create/track schedules and shifts
  • Offers access to 200+ apps in the Clover App Market

2. Register Lite: $9.95 — per month per device

Followings are the features of Register Lite:

  • Consist of all features of payment plus
  • Basic inventory management
  • Order management
  • Item-level discounts and tax calculations
  • Process payments when offline
  • Send paperless receipts
  • Accept on-screen signatures and tips
  • Ring up items, discounts, and tax
  • Process refunds
  • Export necessary reports such as sales, tax, and payroll
  • Remotely monitor activity, sales, and refunds
  • Offers access to 300+ apps in the Clover App Market

3. Register: $39.95 — Per month /device + $9.95/month for each extra device (per location)

Features you can enjoy with Register plan:

  • All the features of Register lite
  • Strong inventory management
  • Create item variants and track item cost
  • Exchange & Refund items
  • Track sales with revenue-class reporting & item-level
  • Process exchanges and service charges
  • Full access to Clover App Market
  • Weight scale integration

4. Counter Service Restaurant: $39.95 — per month per device + $9.95/month for each extra device (per location)

This plan offers the following Features:

  • Consist of all features of Register
  • Identify order types
  • Kitchen printers and display integrations
  • Customer kiosk integrations through third parties
  • Menu management
  • Pre-authorization of bar tabs
  • Customer engagement through customer-facing screens
  • Take orders from customers while they stand in line (only available on Clover Flex)
  • Full access to Clover App Market

5. Table Service Restaurant: $69.95 — per month per device + $9.95 per month for each additional device (per location)

Table service restaurant offers the following Features:

  • Consist of all features of Counter service restaurants
  • Bar tab management
  • Advanced table order management (move orders to a different table, combine orders and more)
  • Fire orders to a kitchen printer or a kitchen display
  • Add gratuity to bills
  • Manage a table floor plans across multiple sections and seating areas with real time table statuses
  • Split bills and pay by a guest or a group of guests
  • Enhanced employees logins and access permissions
  • Table-side payments, ordering and firing (only available on Clover Flex)
  • Scan to pay
  • Full access to Clover App Market

These are the service plans offered by Clover that you can opt for enjoying various features as per the need of your business.
Let me tell you that if you want to develop an exclusive and custom clover application, specially designed for your business, your cost might be different.
Are you thinking about how to develop a custom clover application? No worries! Here’s your solution.
For custom Custom Clover Application Development, you can choose clover app development services.

Wrapping Up
There you have it- complete information regarding the cost of Clover POS. We can say that Clover is quite budget-friendly as it comes at a cost that won’t break the bank. Still, no one knows your business better than you. So, evaluate all the factors before deciding the right Clover POS and app for your business.
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