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Why React Native is The Best Platform to Launch your MVP?

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Planning to build a mobile application? Sounds great!

Do you know that around 5200 applications are launched on the App Store and Google play store daily? Well, it means about four applications get launched every minute. More than 15 new applications would be on the store by the time you read this article!

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Therefore, at each minute, there is a possibility that some other person will launch the dream idea of yours in the place. Hence, going into the market as soon as possible is the best way to avoid this unfortunate situation.

MVP, aka Minimum Viable Products, is the best solution for you for faster time to market. MVP has just the minimum function necessary to function the app, which makes the price ratio very economical. That means you can develop an MVP with the core features of the application.

If you are wondering, what’s the best platform for building an MVP? React Native is the answer. Though you can find many platforms, React Native is the best platform for MVP app development. It saves your money, efforts, and development time lading to the minimum investment for building a minimum viable product.

Why should you build an MVP for your app idea?

The minimum viable product offers a great starting point for your app by solving the core purpose of users, offering a value proposition, and creating trust and confidence. With the MVP development, you can understand the market demand for your app idea and further improvements.

Advantages of the MVP approach to product development:

  • Reduce the development cost
  • Faster time to market
  • Attract more investment
  • Understating the expectations of the users
  • Better UI and UX of your app
  • Improved functionalities of the application
  • Solidify your security approach
  • Efficient management of resources

Why React Native?

React Native is a javascript framework for building cross-platform apps. This open-source framework is utilized for building interfaces targeting mobile platforms. With the tools and features of React Native, you can develop at robust speed with cost-effective rates.

Why is React Native the best platform to Launch your MVP?

  • Cost-Effective Development
    As a startup, you might have a tight hand on budgets, and you would be willing to save costs. Then, in such cases, React Native can be a good option for you.
    The reason is that as the application is developed with a single codebase, the development cost will be way lower.

  • Reusable code
    React Native offers cost-effectivity for your MVP development. As we mentioned earlier that it is a cross-platform framework, developers can use the same code for the app across various platforms. Moreover, the programmers’ productivity also gets increased as half of their development efforts will get reduced.
    And because of the reusable code component, the view and experience of iOS and Android versions of your application will remain consistent with React Native. Therefore, your MVP application will have looks, speed, and functionality similar to a native app.

  • Comes with In-Built Components
    React Native has an open-source library that includes various build-in components useful for MVP development. Your MVP app development will be accelerated with the use of these components. For some specific applications, it allows programmers to utilize the codes pre-written by someone else.

  • Suitability
    For the elementary MVP version of your MVP application, React Native is a preferred choice as it allows you to write codes in plain JavaScript. It offers you the state models and components that create the interface as well as logic.
    Moreover, you can scale up our MVP application in the later stage seamlessly to add more features, functionalities, and design attributes.

  • Hot & Live Reloading
    The hot reload feature is one of the main reasons behind the massive popularity of React Native. This feature offers the ability to modify the code on the go.
    Developers can write the code and tack the changes simultaneously in real-time. And the files updated with hot reloading are kept in a different place when the application is running. The modified files will get recompiled in the Live Reloading.

  • Third-Party Plugins
    One more reason to use React Native for building an MVP is the third-party plugins. That means you can use modules created by third-party for building the MVP application. Hence, a lot of effort and valuable time will be saved in the minimum viable product development cycle.

  • Stable Community
    When you decide to use React Native for your MVP, it ensures that it is possible to attain your objectives with this technology. Because it has great support of the community, and it is backed by the engineering of Facebook.
    This community continually decides advanced objectives, improves the framework, and upgrades the technology. Therefore, if you are stuck at any point of development, you can get help from the experts.

Popular Brands using React Native:

  • Tesla  Teasla
  • Facebook Facebook
  • Walmart Walmart
  • Instagram Instagram
  • Skype Skype

Now, you might have got the answer to why React Native is the best choice for minimum viable product software development. Therefore, if you are planning to build an app, then the combination of MVP + React Native is the winner!

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entony79129727 profile image

MVP creation is an important stage in product creation. This stage gives you the opportunity to create a foundation and test it on users, collect feedback and make edits. If you are interested in these and many other aspects of mvp, you can read this guide. As for the technical component, I often met situations when the technical stack was completely changed (for example, it turned out that the IOS market was not targeted, therefore, it was remade for Android)