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Bharat Dwarkani
Bharat Dwarkani

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Checklist for Hosting ASP.NET Core Site in Linux VM

I have listed items with references which will help you in deploying your ASP.NET Core site from scratch in a fresh VM for a production environment.

  • Install and Setup Supervisor - It is a tool which will help in the auto-start of your site on server restart, otherwise, on server restart, you might need to manually start site.
  • Install and Setup Nginx - For Reverse Proxying to your .NET app
  • Install DotNet Core
  • Get a domain - Can get from GoDaddy or any other vendor.
  • Setup and Install Lets Encrypt - To Obtain Free SSL Certification or if you have own certificate purchased you can also use it.
  • Enable Firewall to allow port 80, 443 - or any other port based on your requirement.
  • Enable https redirect in your Ngnix Configuration
  • After Hosting ensure you have enabled basic Security Headers for the site - Can test Using Security Headers site-
  • Can test your site for SEO if your site needs it -


The above-mentioned checklist is more than enough to host your ASP.NET Core site in a fresh Linux VM starting from Scratch.

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