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Github copilot demo

You can try out github copilot on vscode. You can try the below commands after getting access to github copilot. You can sign up now.

The demo link is :


!/usr/bin/env ts-node

import { fetch } from "fetch-h2";

// Determine whether the sentiment of text is positive
// Use a web service


import datetime

def parse_expenses(expenses_string):
"""Parse the list of expenses and return the list of triples (date, value, currency).
Ignore lines starting with #.
Parse the date using datetime.
Example expenses_string:
2016-01-02 -34.01 USD
2016-01-03 2.59 DKK
2016-01-03 -2.72 EUR

Go Lang

package main

type Run struct {
Time int // in milliseconds
Results string
Failed bool

// Get average runtime of successful runs in seconds


function calculateDaysBetweenDates(date1, date2) {

Go Lang

package main

// Simple HTTP server that accepts a user's name and responds with a greeting


/** A Person class with name and age accessors and equals and hashCode. */

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