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Optimize Your Containerized App with SlimToolkit

SlimToolkit is an open-source project that aims to enhance your experience with containers. Whether you're building, customizing, or using containers, SlimToolkit provides a suite of commands to simplify your workflow. Let's explore what makes SlimToolkit so powerful.

You can easily try it with one docker command

docker run -it -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock dslim/slim

This commands will run a new container in an interactive mode from the dslim/slim image. The -v option mounts the Docker socket from the host into the container, allowing it to interact with the Docker daemon on the host.

What Is SlimToolkit?

some slim commands

SlimToolkit or just Slim for friends😉(formerly known as DockerSlim) allows developers to:

  1. Inspect: Understand the contents of your containers using commands like xray and lint.

  2. Optimize: Minify your container images by up to 30x without changing anything in your original image with build command.

  3. Debug: Troubleshoot issues with the debug command.

  4. Run: Execute containers efficiently.

  5. Merge: Combine multiple images into one.

  6. Secure: Automatically create Seccomp and AppArmor security profiles to enhance container security.

  7. Analyze Vulnerabilities: Detect vulnerabilities in your containers using the vulnerability command.

Why Use SlimToolkit?

  1. No Need to Change Your Workflow: SlimToolkit doesn't require you to alter your existing tools or processes. Use the base image and package manager you prefer.

  2. Smaller, More Secure Containers: SlimToolkit optimizes your containers by analyzing your application's behavior and removing unnecessary components. This reduces the attack surface and enhances security.

  3. Advanced Visibility: Gain insights into your container images, both original and minified.

  4. Growing Ecosystem Support: SlimToolkit now supports additional container tools and runtimes in the cloud-native ecosystem.


Some examples of results of Slim toolkit with NodeJS, Python or Ruby apps

Get full examples on github

SlimToolkit empowers developers to create better, smaller, and more secure containers without sacrificing their existing workflows. Explore the project on GitHub or visit the official website to learn more.

🐳 Happy containerizing ! 🐳

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