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CodeFactory for Visual Studio (free license)

Bill Fencken
Building Visual Studio tooling and community sourced code automation on GitHub. More info at
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Learn more about the power of auto-transformation and legacy app modernization using CodeFactory

CodeFactory for VisualStudio enables architects & dev leads to auto-generate & implement consistent design pattern adherence across the entire dev team.

Lots of community projects available and looking for contributors -

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Bill Fencken Author


We welcome community contributions as we build out a library of open-source reference models for a variety of automation scenarios. Top community contributors to published automation factories can earn extended/free CodeFactory licensing credits. Here are a few ideas, but you have freedom to build your own automation commands from the ground up. Check out a few of the ideas posted over on our Public Projects repository on GitHub or start your own.

  • Migrating Web Form apps to Blazor & .NET Core (Available now!)
  • Refactoring WCF services to gRPC (Available now!)
  • Updating unsupported 3rd party UI controls
  • Migrating from WinForms apps to WinUI and/or Xamarin
  • Moving data layers to/from Oracle, SQL, mySQL, etc.
  • Migrating apps from .NET Framework to .NET Core Standard
  • Building a JSON/WCF/WebService from an Entity Model POCO
  • Refactoring older MVC apps to the latest version of MVC