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How 💥 not to wish someone happy birthday online 🎂

So. It's today. Well at least still in this timezone.

A founder had his birthday today. And we tried to get him online to give him a surprise birthday song. You know, 🎂 happy birthday to you.... Happy birthday to you 🎂 🎉 🎈

But did he answer. Nope!

And when he did, only two of us were on the call. So it totalled 3 people. And we all know 3 + .14 makes ???

So no problem there 👍

So here are a few tips when wishing a person happy birthday online globally by way of suprise.

Simply don't do it.

Tip # 2. Read tip number one again.

Tip # 3. If they tell you that it was the nicest suprise ever after you finally get through and sing 🎂 happy birthday 🎂 you've failed to pull a crowd. But crushed it at international birthday greetings 💥.

Thanks to Jonas Denil for sharing their work on Unsplash.

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