๐Ÿ’ก How to check if a variable is undefined in JS

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How do I check if a variable is undefined in JavaScript?


typeof xyz === "undefined"
// ==> true

You might be tempted to check a variable with something like

if(!xyz) {
    // this will NOT WORK! It crashes because xyz is not defined
    console.log("not defined");

Doing so will lead to an error like the following:

Uncaught ReferenceError: xyz is not defined

So the solution is, as already mentioned to use the typeof operator

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I guess typeof has some builtin error handling. TIL.

xyz === undefined // throws Uncaught ReferenceError: xyz is not defined

typeof xyz === undefined // false

Edit: Interestingly, your suggestion works if the variable is in the โ€œtemporal dead zoneโ€

xyz === undefined // true
typeof xyz === undefined // false
var xyz

Edit 2: Buuuuut, the above doesnโ€™t work with block scoped variables!!

xyz === undefined // throws ReferenceError: Cannot access 'xyz' before initialization
typeof xyz === undefined // throws ReferenceError: Cannot access 'xyz' before initialization
let xyz

I was too quick - what I meant was:

In other words - it works when qualified (if not in browser global scope, replace "window" with whatever xyz belongs to).

I have done this countless times and never thought to use typeof - which is why I felt the need to comment :-)

I see - but this is different. You're trying to access a non-existent property on a global object. That's of course not throwing a "Reference not defined" error, that's true.


I'm wondering why would you add a variable inside an if if you didn't at least declared or received that variable as a parameter.


It might be because you don't know if a variable is declared or not. e.g. You have a global window object in the browser, but not in Node.js


Wait, pardon my ignorance but isn't undefined a 'falsy' value? Based on my own local testing, this won't throw an error. I do however agree that implicit boolean testing is not a best practice.


In my opinion, it's better to introduce the problem first then give the solution at the end of the article.

Thank you

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