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Use Manjaro rest sucks

I have been a long time Debian/- Ubuntu based distribution user, and they all suck! Only good distro is Manjaro.

Where is the problem with using Ubuntu???
We mainly use Ubuntu cause of its package manager, APT.
APT has big issues: With kernels.
Apt is not rolling release, that means it doesn't always gets updates for all software, only for the important stuff, so your System gets more outdated everyday, until you upgrade to the next Ubuntu version. You only get updates when whole new system upgrade is available.
You might say now: But this is way more stable then using rolling release distro like Manjaro??

Nope, this is often not true

You say APT is trash??
I give you an example: Your Ubuntu updates to a new kernel, ( cause apt updates important stuff like kernels ), then you also have Nvidia drivers. And after the update, your Nvidia drivers don't work, then I removed the old version and installed a version for the new kernel, then Wifi broke... And this happens quite frequently - Why? Cause Apt requires lot of packages to depend on lot of other shits and then kernel upgrades have the issue that they need newer software but installing that would remove older software that is required by other kernels etc. - On Arch base distros like Manjaro, I never had an issue like that, cause as the software gets updated always to the newest version, really most of the stuff doesn't requires older versions, as they can't know what version you have, as the versions on Manjaro are all unmatched.

Same issue with using PPAs: You, for example, want the newest Inkscape or GIMP version, so you add it via PPA, then they get a newer version, require some newer stuff dependency packages, and you can't get the newest dependencies cause apt doesn't updates - you would have to install all dependencies and everything also as PPA - which is going to get complicated and mess up your whole system...

Also same issue with downgrading packages: You want to downgrade a software to an old version - but you can't, as it needs dependencies that can't be installed on Ubuntu anymore - on Arch, this is usually no issue, as you can install anything with any version, as software gets upgraded - as rolling release.

Ah I understand, so why Manjaro and not Arch or other rolling release?
Cause, in my opinion, Manjaro is the best rolling distro:

  1. It is easy to install, so if you mess up or get new hardware, you can get up and running in no time
  2. Manjaro has great shell and grub out of the box
  3. Manjaro comes preinstalled with pretty plain gnome but ton of extensions and tweak tools to customize it
  4. Manjaro has a big community
  5. Manjaro comes even preinstalled on some devices

And disadvantages of using Manjaro??
When you use rolling release, your important software could break after an update or completely change - so you may have to handle problems - but overall it mostly worked fluent and stable as fuck.

If you don't rely on Windows or MacOSX or you have multiple PCs for multiple software - and you want to use a gnu/Linux desktop operating system, then Manjaro is by far the best, and it can easily replace Ubuntu. You can also easily install the Ubuntu theme etc. so it looks and works exactly like Ubuntu - but in better.

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