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Bing Wallpaper Xfce - How to get new daily wallpapers in Xfce

Example image
Screenshot from desktop using the Bing Wallpaper script

Gnome, Kde
So there are a lot of flatpak and snap apps for wallpapers which work on Gnome and Kde, but they almost never work on Kde except Variety which has some critical bugs on Xfce.

How I found a solution
I was searching for weeks time to time for a good and easy to use solution. I installed a lot of apps, but they all didn't worked fine and were broken for Xfce or Propriety Software like Wonderwall. Then I discovered a python script on Github which was created 6 days ago.

How to use it?
I just did git clone in my terminal and then cd xfce-bing-wallpaper and python3 to execute it. 2 Seconds later the daily Bing wallpaper showed up on my desktop. After that I went to the Xfce-Settings-Panel and opened Startup-Applications and clicked on the plus button to create a new start app / script. Then I wrote there python3 /path/to/script/ and at the next day after rebooting my machine I got the next daily wallpaper.
Thank you for creating this awesome script!

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Hello, is there a way I can set my country to UK please?

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Great sharing. Thank you!