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Idaesbasic - An all in one project manager

What is idaesbasic? 👋

There is a brand new project manager avaible, that runs offline, stores everything human readable and is open source. It's build with javafx and is called Idaesbasic, currently in beta version.

Github 🆓

The Github repo of it is

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What does it support / what will it support 🔨

It currently supports kanbans, calendars and todolists, and will support pomodoro timer, time tracking, news, emails, office, video calls, whiteboards and lot more things!

How is it build? 😎

It's build with javafx, java and kotlin. You can download it as jar file, .exe, .deb or source code.
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Build with ❤️ - Idaesbasic!

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