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Ben Patton
Ben Patton

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Writing, in my opinion, is one of the most difficult things there is.

Why? Because writing means you have to put something down. Writing means someone may read what you wrote. Writing means you have to try to be clear.

But also, the temptation in writing is that you have to be fancy. You have to have a catchy title. I have to hook you into what I am writing. But the more you think about those things, or shall I say, the more I think about these things the more paralyzed I become and I don’t actually write anything.

So again, as I said yesterday, try to slow down. Surround yourself with people that help you slow down. Do things that force you to focus and ponder/meditate on them. Grow in discipline and choose to focus more deeply on something. Start a habit.

  • Do you want to write? Simply begin
  • Do you want to learn to code? Start with html.
  • Do you want to learn marketing? Pick up a course and go through it and take notes and do the exercises at the end.

I spent the majority of today thinking about what I would write about and ultimately I just had to write something. I am trying to build a habit of writing.

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