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The Experience Paradox: Solutions

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As I said yesterday, I want to provide the few solutions that I have seen that have dramatically increased chances of getting a job while also sharing another path forward for recent bootcamp grads and those companies, primarily startups, that need developer talent and are more likely to hire junior developers.

Solution 1: Build Projects

This is pretty self-explanatory. If your goal is to get a job, you have ‘demonstrate’ experience. It is easy to get stuck in the vortex of ‘I have no experience, you want experience, I will not get hire, etc.’

But, if you build out projects that hiring managers will understand, you will get more looks. Your job is to show them your project. Be courageous in the interview (not rude, there is a difference) and show them what you have built so they ‘see’ experience with their eyes.

Solution 2: Freelance

First, let’s get out of the way necessary acknowledgements. Freelancing is hard. You have to know and do a lot more ‘business-y’ things than simple coding. But we live in a world that is making these things better and easier than ever.

I will link to these things in a future blog post.

The problem with freelancing is that there is always more involved than what you simply wanted to do, which for the vast majority of developers is to code.

Bootcamps are pumping out full-stack developers. But with freelancing you have to add DevOps and a host of other things. This is where the tools will come in.

As a freelancer, you are an entrepreneur. You are a startup. So when I write more tomorrow on startups, look for that article because some of the tools I mentioned will be there. As well as some perspective.

Last note: As a freelancer you get to build projects. Building projects is how you demonstrate experience. Therefore you are more likely to get more looks for a full-time job after freelancing.

Solution 3: Startups

I will talk about startups tomorrow.

Suffice it to say, that startups are in a very unique position. If you have not been funded by a VC you are a startup which means risk. You need guarantees. You need developers to be committed to you because time is of the essence and developers need you to be committed to them.

Some of the tools that I will mention tomorrow are the same ones I referred to with freelancing. So look out for those tools tomorrow.

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