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Introspective Marketing

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I’ve been doing a lot of reading, thinking, and listening to marketing. Specifically I have been reading and listening to a lot of what Seth Godin has to say on marketing because I connect with how he thinks about the world and others.

One of the things that is becoming clearer to me is that if I am trying to serve people I have to do the harder work of thinking through ‘what change I am trying to make?’

This is really interesting because I cannot answer that question for myself at this point but this is what I have been thinking through the past few months.

I have been thinking through, ‘whenever I enter a job, why do I spend more time thinking through other things in the company and what problems need solving rather than doing the job I was hired to do?’ I want to make sure we are working towards the right things rather than just doing what we’ve always done.

By asking myself ‘what change am I trying to make,’ I think I am moving to a place of being able to answer this question. At my job, in my work, what change am I trying to make? Who am I trying to serve?

Overall, my thought is this, the best marketing forces you to look inward because and then you will have more solid reasons for doing what you are doing and for connecting with your audience. You will know who you are trying to serve and who you are not trying to serve. You will refine what change you are trying to make.

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