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Ben Patton

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A Break

Photo by Javier Allegue Barros on Unsplash

So often my day and my hopes are spent thinking things like

  • if I just learn this thing, I will be good
  • if I figure this out my time will be better
  • if I can get through this (life event, struggle, etc) I will be good.

But it becomes more and more clear that life doesn’t take a break. There are daily interruptions that I don’t plan for. There are decisions that come in life that feel like impossible decisions.

Sometimes I legitimately just want to give up and go hide and just quit making decisions. I hate disappointing people. I hate it infinitely more when it is people I love and care about. This makes decision making vastly more difficult.

The harder reality is that we have to choose.

Are you choosing something difficult today? Know that we all have decisions to make. That does not excuse or pardon the difficulty of the decision. It will be difficult. But we are in this together and can show empathy towards one another in this

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