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Workspace Wednesday: Show off your desk/computer setup!

Ben Halpern on April 03, 2019

Let’s share pics of everybody’s setups.

Feel free to add details about your hardware etc.

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Your user name throws me off every time I see it.


And my real last name is not even lampe :D

Didn't know that this can be a real last name ;)

Lampe is actually the German word for lamp/light.

It's also the surname of some Germans from Westphalia that moved to the US in the late 1800s.

Oh 👌 okay

Didn't knew that too

You always learn.

I lived in north Germany


Wow... that is absolutely nice! love this view! One question, how much does it cost?


Only the little yoshi? 😂 No love for the big one 🤣

I meant both! 😂
I figured they were both little considering Yoshi is a Dinosaur but touché 😂 should have clarified

One of them is easy bigger then the other in size 😂👍😉


My workspace is a work in progress for sure, but I like it! This is the desk I use working 100% remote.


TY, that was the Endeavor Award I won years ago at Team One. My coworkers 3D printed it!


The transformation is complete. 2019 2.3 GHz 8-core Core i9 MacBook Pro w/ 32GB of RAM and eGPU w/ 8GB RX580. 2 1080p monitors, 1 iPad mini monitor, 2X 4TB external hard drives to backup w/ redundancy, Magic Keyboard 2, Magic Trackpad 2, coffee cup coaster, wireless charger, pair of Sony headphones.

Do find getting the eGPU is worth it? I have the same MacBook Pro, but I didn't change out the GPU so just the Radeon 560x. I recently got the 4k LG and had a Lenovo usb-c monitor, however I have noticed when plugged into the external displays my build times have increased dramatically.


I may or may not have an addiction to Surface devices...

My surface covered in surfaces

For the record I have:

  • Surface Pro 1
  • Surface RT 2
  • 2x Surface 3 (not pictured)
  • 2x Surface 4 Pro
  • Surface Book 2

do you use the surface keyboard or is there a keyboard hiding somewhere? Are both surface's connected to the screen or?


I use the keyboard on the laptop (so the Book2 keyboard or the TypeCover on my Pro4's). Having had laptops exclusively for a decade and working in consulting I would always be mobile so I grew use to working just off my laptop rather than relying on anything external. I do have a MS Natural Keyboard off screen but I don't have an external mouse so I only use it to control my Pi (which is under the monitor).

When I took that photo I only had the Pro4 in the middle hooked up to the screen, the Book2 wasn't, and I tend to keep it that way (I can't multi-task that effectively 🤣).


Do you have enough surface? Do you need anymore surface?


Debating picking up one of the new surfaces when they release. How you find the smaller screen for coding? Or do you always have the monitor wired up?


It's worked well for me, I've used Pro1 and Pro4 as primary dev devices. I like to be mobile, so the form factor works well for portability, but for anything really intense, I will have an external screen or two (home office I have 1 screen, city office I have 2).

Interesting! I'm pretty mobile as well, and tend to only use a single monitor when working at my own desk so think that would work well.

Cheers for the reply :-)

If you get a Pro then it'll take a bit to get use to using it on a lap, since there isn't much "bottom" to it. I know a lot of people hate trying to use it on a lap, but I never found issues with it (I'd use it on flights, trains, in a car and on the couch), but I am over 6' so I have longer legs than average to support it. 😜

Yeah, that's a good point actually. I do tend to spend a bit of time sitting on the sofa, but I assume you could just buy a solid mat of some kind to sit on your lap.

So tempted by the pro 7!!! :)


My Home office,
It's late on Wednesday and dark out, but I grabbed a couple of lights.

Code and sound


and this is the App I use for design and graphics



THIS IS AWESOME. I'm so excited. This is the first time I've seen someone have a writing area! I'm always curious whether noone has a special dedicated space for this!!


I know right!
Computer screens block creativity, especially when I'm writing lyrics, so that's why I like to have an "analog space".


My setup is pretty basic, standing desk with a 30in monitor. My husband on the other hand is a little more excessive... 🤦‍♀️


Nice, like how the monitor is at a higher level than the tabletop by design. 👌


This is interesting! @skryking are you quite tall, or lean back at your desk?

I tend to lean back a bit, I'm about 5' 9" so not overly tall. I find having the big screen on top forces me to move my neck more which helps prevent neck stiffness and pain.


One of the cleaner setups I've seen.

How are you finding working on a big screen vs say a dual setup?


I’m definitely liking it.

Simpler to manage than multiple monitors and more overall software-driven flexibility. I can continue to make better and better use of my window manager.

I do need a bigger desk so I can back up a bit. It’s currently a little too close to my face.

Yes, that's what I was thinking.
With my 22" dualies, when I want one to sit vertically I have to prop it with some wine boxes :D

Haha, yeah, that screen is the same size as the table it seems!
It looks like you can get a narrower field of view with a setup like that. I find myself leaning over to sides sometimes just to see the outer edges of my screens.


PowerEdge R720 running Proxmox, 2x Xeon E-5360 6-core CPUs @ 2.9GHz, 64 GB RAM, and 4x300GB SAS disks in a RAID10

Just built this guy yesterday. Ryzen7 2799X 8-core 3.7GHz CPU, 32GB DDR4 3200MHz, 2 Samsung 970 Pro 512GB NVMe drives, and Radeon RX570


This is my sit/stand desk in standing position.


Here's by blog entry on building it

You may also find my presence sensor of interest. A little bit of desk automation.


Loving the presence sensor! And the fact your cat sets it off :-)


Unfortunately, these are not all the Legos we have in the house. It's not a long term solution, but works for now =)


This week I’m visiting my hometown and I am hosted in my girlfriend home. This computer is offers to my actual work.



Ubuntu Linux with Gnome!
I was on Windows but I changed to Linux because my windows installation got corrupted.

I've been pleasantly surprised by how much more stable it is and how much better the general development experience is.

Installed Ubuntu Budgie this week and it's pretty slick. :) You should give Budgie a try if you haven't!

But yeah Ubuntu has come a long way in usability since 12 or 14.

I'll definitely check it out! Thanks for the tip.

I've used Linux a little with raspberry pis and servers but it's new to me as a desktop environment and I don't see myself going back...

I mean if you're not using Windows for gaming or things like photoshop all the time there's not too much of a point unless your development targets Windows for whatever reason. I'm linux at home like 98% of the time. :D

Even for gaming I've found most things run pretty well! Steam for Linux & Proton seems to run almost everything I throw at it! I do still have my laptop dual-booted with windows 10; I occasionally have to build an electron app targeted for windows.

I haven't tried steam with proton yet. Maybe sometime next week! Gotta finish setting up the install I did on Monday! May actually re-reinstall it as I need to format all my disks and I'm not 100% sure if I can do that with the current partition on it. :P

I build Electron apps targeted for Windows on Fedora with wine installed. You may not need to dual boot, if that's all you go into Windows for.


Just re-arranged my office the other week. To the right of this, I have two other tables for building stuff and a printer.

I plan to get new monitors later and put them on adjustable stands. Also really looking forward to AMD Zen 2 processor upgrade to my machine.


mine hasn't changed too much from this setup, except with a few empty cans of la croix and kleenex 😂:
image of desk with laptop stand, mounted monitor, and pens and notebooks


Here is my Web Development and Audio Production workstation. This is my latest setup, working at it now. Details about everything in the photo provided in our blog.

Web Developer / Audio Production Workstation


This is probably the tidiest it has ever been!

My desk


Hey, nice vertical mouse 😁 Also a big fan of my vertical mouse!


Office setup, although the home one has the same gist, just more cat hair. I always tend to use my MacBook pro 13" in a vertical dock now just for some extra desk space but 4k displays provide me with enough real estate. Ergodox EZ + apple trackpad on some DIY stilts.

Might end up with a PC (maybe hackintosh for funsies) at home for some extra horsepower and RGB



My desk
I’m a little late to the discussion. Got the picture yesterday and then totally forgot to post it. Definitely still a work in progress. I’ve got an appl I schematic signed by woz to hang on the wall too when I get a frame for it. I’ve only been working remotely for 5 months now so I’m still improving.


my desk set up at the office. I prefer a larger monitor, 32 inch, rather than duel monitor setup.


That's a lot of screen! I had three monitors set up but I found it took forever to move from the left to the right, and also that I didn't have enough to justify a third screen especially with how I use workspaces.

Do you have those issues ever or have some advice?

Also, I've always been curious but haven't known anyone with one to ask. I know that the kind of person who buys them exists because I've seen a few in this thread, and also they sell them. Anyways, my question is, why in the world would you buy a keyboard with no number pad? I just can't understand the appeal. It's not even much smaller.


This is my home setup, mostly for games and leisure time but I do work on side projects and articles sometimes. How do people work on laptops? They are so slow!

I use:

  • i7 8700k at 4.9ghz
  • 1080 ti graphics
  • 16GB of 3600mhz ram
  • 35 inch curved ultrawide monitor.
  • Watercooling :)


Desktop photo

This is my home desktop, I don't have a shot of my work desk handy. I really need to move the printer, it's just wasting space.


A pair of DoubleSight monitors, Ableton Live 9 setup with Push, Genelec speakers and a height adjustable desk.


I'm completely fine with just taking my Macbook Pro 15 inch anywhere I go, I don't really need anything else :)


I wanted to upload my battle station but after seeing just a handful of posts in here I think I'd die of embarrassment if I actually went through with it.


Just rebuilt my tower. Need to get some shelfs up to put all my anime funkos up! 😄

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