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4th screen I finally got my 4th screen setup last week. Needed something for those pesky chrome debugger windows :)


Do you not get a sore neck?


Lol, no it's more that I can focus on two screens at a time! Left doc/middle code/right running code/far right debugger

Did I just suggest I have a "far-right debugger"??? - I want to take this opportunity to distance myself from anything far-right lol.

If only we could debug the far-right tendencies in our societies. I'd love that.


πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί I want a station like this


Beautiful 😍


Props for that portrait display!


Perfect, my dream.


May I ask what kind of graphics card and ports you have to address 4 individual monitors?


It's the Mac's internal GFX for the first 3. The "most right" one is driven by a StarTech.com USB GFX card (which can handle 2 4k displays).

Ah, so there's room for a fifth one, I see ;-)

Yep - the original plan was for screen 4 to be above my right screen. However I bought the wrong kind of arm and it was too low by about 5cm, so yeah, I know where it would live too if I could buy the right kit next time!


I write code like a psychopath: on a laptop, with no extra monitors.



Not bad, really simple.


You and me both are programming away like psychopaths solely on our laptop screens.


Lovely, I dig the flowers :)


Thank you :).


Single laptop screen crew!

But because of my visual impairment, I could never really work with a multi screen setup comfortably.


Keyboard looks awesome!


Nice keyboard! is it a keychron?

I have that mouse, very comfortable and the battery lasts ages!


My setup gets weirder, with every new lockdown


What is the name of that a small keyboard with 8 keys?


Max Falcon 8, is one of the few macro pads that are publicly available


Nice keyboards, where did you get them from?


the front one is a vortex Pok3r with custom DSA keycaps. The back one is a whitefox again with mostly blank DSA keycaps. I am one of those people with keyboard obsessions.


At first I thought you meant like, the virtual desktop hahaha which I'm proud about. My real desktop is a bit messy though.


Keep it short and simple at home πŸŽ‰

As a student currently developing my first mayor web-app as part of my bachelor thesis, i am given the privilege to work at home, using my own setup.



Ooh: I like how your monitors are floating!


Thank you!

This setup was a long way with many iterations until this point, but now I am really happy with what it has turned out as.

The wall-mounting has three advantages in my case:

  • I can keep my head straight while looking directly at the monitor
  • Cleaning the desk has become easier
  • My pc serves as my tv as well. In front of my desk I got my couch. With the wall mount I can pull the monitor back towards the couch to some extend :)

How do you guys plug so many monitors on one computer? Does it take a special board, a hub? Is that a MIDI controller behind your keyboard?


This computer is running a GTX 1080TI as a graphics card, which has 5 outputs. (which could be expanded by using DisplayPort MST Hubs/Monitors, or adding more GPUs with SLI)
And yes that is a MIDI controller.


home setup
Here is mine πŸ€“


Portrait orientation πŸ™ŒπŸ»


Bit chaotic (this lockdown has left me with a bit too much time on my hands...) it might look like madness, but everything has its place i assure you. :p

my desk


Here's a picture of my minimal setup - from last night πŸ’–


Ah not sure why the picture is streching a little here, shows fine in the tweet πŸ˜¬πŸ˜…


Which chair, I am looking for a new one.


It's from my area so I don't know if you can get one (supporting the local economy, hehe), but here's the link, I'm sure there are a lot similar:


Main features I was looking for was: it needed to have a head rest, adjustable lombar support, adjustable armrests.


Don't be fooled by the "tree view" β€” I'm one story above a parking lot πŸ˜‚

Also pictured: Episode 9 of DevDiscuss on my monitor! Check it out, people!



alt text



That backlighting is just fantastic!


Main computer: Mac Mini. Need the power and don't currently need the flexibility of a laptop.
Monitor: Dell UltraSharp U3415W 34-Inch Curved
Keyboard: Durgod Taurus K320 TKL Cherry Silent Red
Mouse: Logitech MX Master 2S
Headphones: Bose QC II

I'd highly recommend each and any of the above.

Bonus pic: the other half of my office is my home gym! Pic taken after deadlifts.


Oh wow, nice setup! Lifting nerds unite!


Dungeons and Dragons Desktop

In the spring I could work from my loft game room, at my Dungeons and Dragons gaming table I built custom. Yes, the temptation to play with the miniatures was high. In summer now it's too hot up there to work, so I'm down in an actual dungeon in my basement. Too much shame to post my messy office.


My bedroom setup. not great but finding anything in my country is a PITA.


Thinking about changing the keyboard to go for a mechanical one.


My desktop is on my my latest post

Work from home


This is mine


If you have a plant on your desk, what is it? 🌱🌿


In progress setup 😬