Why Forem is Special with Ben Halpern

Ben Halpern on July 23, 2020

Ben is a co-founder of Forem, the open source social network platform designed for empowering community. He is from Halifax, Nova Scotia and has a ... [Read Full]
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I'll be giving this talk later today, where I'll be walking through all of these slides and giving more info about forem.

I'll also be happy to answer questions here after my talk. But I'm also here if anyone wants to ask about forem stuff ahead of the talk. 😊


First thing that comes to my mind when thinking "multiple instances of forem" is something like area51.stackexchange.com. Is this analogy correct-ish?

And with that in mind, considering an eventual multi language support, do you think that it should work inside the original DEV as a feature (like a per user language preference) or it makes more sense to be in a separated place like pt.dev.to or es.dev.to?


Yup— Not so different from stack exchange, but each thing is its own thing entirely. We may host other forems, but we don't run them. Everyone can leverage their own domains, move off if they change their minds, port data, etc.

DEV/Forem has some support for multi-language, but we are working on improving the overall feature set for content and i18n... But separate instances for language defaults may also make sense for DEV... And certainly for some forems.


Oooo that one in the middle looks coooooool!!!!


Great talk! Thank you for sharing your principles. Looking forward to seeing where Forem grows. Cheers.




I hear so much positivity. "from the bottom of our hearts", "collaboration is a superpower". Thank you.


Awwww thanks 😄


Here we gooooo 🌱 forem 🌱


Very excited for this talk!


Thanks Ben! Learned a lot about Forem 🌱 and Dev today, I love the idea and vision behind Forem 🌱 I find it amazing. I'm gonna try out the software ✨


The Forem's picker looks like Discord server pickers. Looks cool though


Was the chat panel live when you were talking and this came through? 🤔


I love how the name "Forem" was created! That's so clever


Forem is a veritable GAME-CHANGER! Super excited to learn more about it. Thanks @benhalpern! 🌱


I loved hearing the history of how Dev and Forem have come into being.


forem is dev , and dev is forem ,
dev is build for developers , developers build dev.
Btw I make a PR and I can say that you should do it also , because the minds behind this forem are great you will get helpful tips from them , also redirection and discussion about your code!


And your PR benefits not only DEV, but all current and future communities built on Forem!


Is that a Rick Roll?


I loved that it wasn't referenced. Just a slide with this Youtube video as an embed.


This was the inspiration behind that.

You're my favorite person. I'm such a better person for having clicked that link.


In covid days, it's probably the most I've really spoken outloud all at once in a long time. So I'm I didn't entirely stumble through it 😝


So it's official @ben ? It's DEV-T-O, not DEV-TO 🧐


I've been wondering this forever! -TO makes sense if you want it to mean TO-gether, but being from T-O-ronto, Ben might have a secret meaning


We say "dev to" most of the time, but if I'm trying to be clear I say "dev dot tee oh", but mostly just try to say DEV....

TBH, I'm just glad we know how to pronounce Forem for now and forever 🌱

But since I learnt that Forem is actually Forem, I really need to decide how much I need to emphasize on eeem 🌱


I love this. I was just thinking about creating a community page for a local community. I am very interested in checking this out. Kudos on being open source!


Keep in touch with us, I'm going to be building a forem for my own family to stay in touch, and I think if I can convince them to buy in, anyone can! 😄


Looking forward to watching the talk, my alarm is set for 21.58


Heck yeah


What are some ways we can contribute to Forem?


Love this


Didn't expect to get (kinda) rick rolled here lol

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