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Who's looking for open source contributors? (Jan 28th edition)

Find something to work on or promote your project here.

Please shamelessly promote your project. Everyone who posted in previous weeks is welcome back this week, as always. 😄

Additionally, all are welcome to also create a standalone post in this tag:


For open source maintainers to get together with willing contributors.

Follow the tag for more posts like this one.

Happy coding!

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Matias Trujillo

I was hoping one day to be the first to publish 😍, I want to introduce you to Orbyjs, it allows you to create functional components based on hooks, it is inspired by React and Hyperapp ...

example code

and weighs only 3kB, the current support covers:

  1. hooks : useState,useMemo, useReducer, useRef, useEffect.
  2. createContext
  3. keys
  4. livecycle : onCreate, onCreated, onUpdate, onUpdated, onRemove and onRemoved.

I was delighted with the work done by React at the time of introducing the hooks, but I still believe that they have a high cost in size, that's why I developed Orbyjs,
I'm also looking to implement new ideas such as working with shadow dom within the diff process

repo :
example :

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Olivier JM Maniraho

I think it will be good to have issues to get started with, this can help both beginners and others who would want to contribute, it is not easy to just dive in the code.
I will watch the repo to see what will be happening maybe someday I can contribute to it.
Thank you and awesome work

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Matias Trujillo

Exactly like you, I think the reconciliation process is complicated to read,
I will add comments line by line, to explain the process well.

I think it would be nice to hear your opinion in this issue

Thread Thread
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Olivier JM Maniraho

Thank you,

I think that is a good start, another way would be to add what needs to be worked on and the levels of difficulty, either beginner-friendly and so on.

I would love to dive in at some point and see how I can help on this.

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David Miranda

I'm creating a series of front-end libraries that allow you to create web apps using vanilla HTML, CSS, and JS. I'm using these libraries to build v2 of my startup. I could use some help maintaining and open sourcing them.

One of them serializes the DOM, turning this:

html input

Into this:

json output

The other libraries handle:

  • Toggling state (i.e. open/closed, visible/hidden) on HTML elements
  • Positioning and sizing inline edit areas
  • Syncing data between inline edit areas and the main view areas

My goal is to build a framework that makes it really easy to build high-performance, responsive, and intuitive web apps on top of a traditional, server-rendered back-end.

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Do not know how to write post, just save a post

but it seems is not public post.

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Francesco Esposito

I just wrote a small post about it:


I would like to rewrite that with newer front-end stack and maybe also detaching from the original json schema and creating another one more flexible!

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Ravern Koh • Edited on

I'm currently looking for contributors for my open-source scripting language Eko! 😬

As of now, I'm looking for contributors who can help with:

  • Logo designs
  • Website design and (optionally) development
  • Building a proper garbage collector
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Evert Pot

I would LOVE some help on my Node.js web framework called Curveball:

It aims to solve a similar problem to express, except it uses async/await and typescript everywhere.

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Ben Halpern Author