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Who wants to join the DEV Fantasy Football League?

ben profile image Ben Halpern ・1 min read

Hey folks, we have a small office fantasy football league and we need to fill out the spots. Anybody want to join?

You are super welcome to play ironically without real knowledge of football, but you need to commit to not flaking and not cheating (of course).

We are going to have a quick draft at 3:30pm ET tomorrow. It's a bonus if you can make it, but if your team gets auto-picked that's fine too.

If you are interested in playing, go to my profile and direct message me that you are interested. I'll pick randomly (weighted slightly towards seniority on the site) from those who message me.

I hope to get a few messages from you folks! I'll let you know within a few hours who got picked for the league.

Happy coding!


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Pass, but definitely in if you ever do a basketball one. Also:

football vs hand egg

(Don't be mad, I actually like handegg 😉)


How about UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football - for anyone who would like to join gaming.uefa.com/en/uclfantasy/leag...


I'm in this one. Actual football!


This is even actual football and not american handegg. 😁


If you do a no-cheat-sheet league I can do a draft analysis like I do for my own league (using R):


Sneak preview:

Draft Analysis


Just curious, how do you cheat in Fantasy Football HandEgg?


Mostly collusion, or unfair use of influence. Like, I could leave your pull request sitting while I pressure a trade.


What kind of league, and what's the buy-in?


Head to head PPR. No buy in, but the winner will get a one-of-kind profile badge. (I just made up this prize now, but I like it)


What? I could win a badge? how do I play?!1111


I dig it. That's a pretty good prize off the cuff :)


What platform? ESPN Yahoo or other?


I would like to join. Sent a message on the chat already :)