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What are your favorite coding podcasts?

ben profile image Ben Halpern ใƒป1 min read

It's 2020, the software landscape is always coming up with new media, and at the same time others suffer degrading quality.

What are your favorite shows right now and going forward?


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I'll start the discussion by plugging our show which is now 9 episodes in to season 1....

play pause DevDiscuss

Find elsewhere...

Looking forward to more suggestions from the thread!


We're also doing a little promotional stunt folks may be interested in taking us up on ๐Ÿ˜‰


be still, my heart. holographic stickers are my kryptonite

I'm still recovering from the emotional high I received from finding a holographic Charizard card in a Pokemon mystery pack in third grade.



Damn those look super lit โœจ๐Ÿ’–


Looks like on Spotify or Player FM you can't leave a review...


TFW Spotify doesn't have a review function. ๐Ÿ˜ญ


Where ever I listen to podcasts.... Dev.to is my audio and aggregator.

Btw, is there a way to search across all podcasts on the mobile app? Search when in podcasts seems to be a search all of dev.to.
Also is there a feed only for podcast you are subscribed too?


@ben has it been successful? How do you judge success? Number of listens growing with each new episode?


Yup, listenership is growing and that's important to look at, but also anecdotal feedback has been super positive and mostly we're happy with how initial quality has turned out, but also how things have improved over as we have continued to record new episodes.


Syntax by Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski is the first dev podcast I listened to and it is still my favorite after 3 years. The episodes are funny and relax and packed with good stuffs related to web dev. Since they are both course instructors and have the equipment, the podcast has good sound quality, which to me, is important.

play pause Syntax - Tasty Web Development Treats

Btw, thanks for the latest episode(ep9) of DevDiscuss, I have listened twice and I have learned a lot! Subscribed!๐Ÿ‘


I have listened to them for years as well and learned a lot.


Btw, thanks for the latest episode(ep9) of DevDiscuss, I have listened twice and I have learned a lot! Subscribed!๐Ÿ‘

Awesome. Yeah, it was a particularly great episode I think.


3 years, damn I remember episode 1 and it does not seem that for back.


True. I remember back then I knew nothing about React that's why I skipped episode 1 - React Tools. ๐Ÿ˜‚


After not listening to podcasts for a while, I've recently got back into it. Git Cute and the Ladybug Podcast are two that I've been listening too, back to back, in the past two weeks. Lots of good advice about coding and a career as a developer.


I used to listen to Syntax religiously, but with no commute, I've found myself tuning in less


I still listen to them every now and again, but their React bias is getting a little tough to stay interested in sometimes! Still love them though.


what do you mean by react bias? It never stood out to me, but then again I'm a React developer ๐Ÿ˜‹

They almost exclusively talk about the React portion of Web Development today because it is what they work in most often. This is totally acceptable, but I think they miss out on exploring a lot of great new tools and frameworks because they are too comfortable in React.

That's a really good point. It would actually be helpful for them to explore other libraries and frameworks


So true. Syntax is so fun to that I still find myself listening to every episode, but my content consumption overall has dropped waaaay down.


This is so true for me as well. I now listen to podcasts while I am cooking which, is not that often...


I'm a #dotnet guy so ".NET Rocks" is one of my favorites: dotnetrocks.com/

Then there is "Hanselminutes" by the awesome Scott Hanselman: hanselminutes.com/ I highly recommend it.

Another one of my favorite podcasts is the "Ladybug Podcast". Great hosts and cool topics: ladybug.dev

The "Legacy Code Rocks" show is also very cool. legacycode.rocks/

And DevDiscuss of course. But that's really obvious. ;-)


โค๏ธ changelog, gotta get the master feed


I haven't listened in a while, but I did like Full Stack Radio.


SyntaxFM and your very own DevDiscuss.


It's not pure coding, but very tech related:

Command line Heroes with the amazing raconteur Saron Yitbarek . I can't get enough of this podcast! Short episodes packed with a lot of geek stuff.

On the metal by Oxide Computer. Discovered it because I follow the incredibly inspiring Jess Frazelle on Twitter. They have a lot of really interesting episodes where they talk to outstanding guests from various IT domains but always related to hardware.


DevDiscuss! But really, I do enjoy listening to it!


DevDiscuss, no competition ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ


I really enjoy Syntax (syntax.fm) and Under the Radar (relay.fm/radar). Funny thing: both focus on tech stacks that I'm not actively working in! I think I use coding podcasts for exposure to new tech, versus learning more about tech I'm already working in.


Syntax.fm โ€“ syntax.fm
Fullstack Radio โ€“ fullstackradio.com
JS Party โ€“ changelog.com/jsparty
The Drunken UX Podcast โ€“ drunkenux.com
HTTP 203 โ€“ developers.google.com/web/shows/ht...



I listen to a lot of them.
Shoutout to the Overcast app (web and iOS only) for smart speed and voice boost features.

I enjoyed the few episodes of Dev Discuss I have heard so far. Just subscribed.

The ones I listen to without fail:
code related

tech adjacent but absolutely worth a listen

The ones I'm more selective about (I pick and choose episodes):


I wanted to mention the How To Code Well podcast, I binged it over June/July and really enjoyed it. I'll be checking out some of the others mentioned here.

In future, I'll be plugging my own podcast once I get it running.


I love Syntax. Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski have been consistently making great episodes for years now, a must listen


I run one for all things front end called The Front End Podcast which is available on all your favourite platforms :D

Beyond that I like Syntax by Wes Bos and Shop Talk by Chris Coyer


I regularly listen to:

  1. Software Engineering Daily
  2. Serverless Chats
  3. Frontend Happy Hour
  4. AWS Podcast
  5. React Podcast

The others I subscribe to but only get to every blue moon:

  1. Code Newbie
  2. Developer Tea
  3. Coding Blocks
  4. Base.cs
  5. Command Line Heroes
  6. egghead.io developer chats
  7. Full Stack Radio
  8. Indie Hackers (I count this sometimes as code for the eps on developers)

Normally the less regular ones I'll listen to if I see an episode come out that catches my eye but to be completely honest, just trying to keep up with SED with Jeff five times a week for an hour episode @ 1.5x speed is super tough.

An hour of podcasts a day for me is a lot and I normally only get to it if I am being good and exercising and managed to get 1.5 to 2 in. My last company also told me to layoff the tech podcasts all the time too and listen to what else the world has to over (ha)!

Full disclosure - didn't know about DevDiscuss but will sub!


More security minded but still very good: Darknet diaries: open.spotify.com/show/4XPl3uEEL9hv...


Love Darknet Diaries! Think the Xbox Underground episodes are still the best podcast episodes I've listened to!


I actually made my first articles related to this :)

Some aren't purely coding but Darknet Dairies is truly awesome!



Plugging mine...Maintainable Software Podcast which I just published Episode #60 this week (where I was the guest).

play pause Maintainable

You can follow on Dev.to at dev.to/maintainable

On Maintainable, I interview people who have helped teams work through problems often associated with technical debt and legacy code vs getting nerdy about shiny new technology.

Here are a few to get started with:

Hope you'll give it a listen!


If you're plugging yours, then it's probably fair that I can plug mine ๐Ÿค”
It's only three episodes in, and I'm just finding my feet, but I'd love some feedback.
UI Therapy | The podcast for designers, developers and independent thinkers.
๐Ÿ‘† For the launch post and 'vision' for the show


Iโ€™m from Brazil and I never listened devs podcast in English, but there are many devs podcasts in portuguese and I used to listen the Hipster.techโ€™s podcast. Itโ€™s interesting because the talks just not programmer languages or new technologies, but about skills human of development ecosystem, etc...


talk python, python podcast init, test and code, django chat.


Coding Blocks and Syntax ๐Ÿ‘


Even though I'm a python developer, I love listening to Syntax with Wes Bos and Scott Tolinksi


Salt City Code is pretty good and started fairly eecently.


Currently, i listen to Ruby on Rails podcast by Brittany Martin and Full Stack Radio by Adam Wathan. Both of these podcast are great!


Full Stack Panic and Syntax FM are great Podcasts!


DevDiscuss and The Ruby Blend ๐ŸŽค


In the Arabic IT podcast; I prefer this one:

Tech and Coffee Podcast

  • front end happy hour
  • developer tea
  • code newbie
  • Javascript jabber
  • inside intercom
  • syntax
  • black tech unplugged
  • the deeply graphic design cast
  • shop talk

The complete developer podcast. It's all about developers and dev life with software development in general.


Syntax Fm ๐Ÿ˜€ I also started listening to Real Talk JavaScript and I think it's pretty great


My friend and I co-host a web development podcast called HTML All The Things. Would love to hear some feedback on it!



A few podcasts I was going to mention are already on here, but I have few others:
Learn to code with me
Shop talk show
Stack overflow podcast
Web platform podcast


Front End Happy Hour has some pretty neat episodes and good insights from an often rotating cast of Netflix / LinkedIn / Atlassian (and more!) devs.


My List : ( Apple Podcast )
Software Engineering Daily
Kubernetes Podcast
Software Engineering
Complete Developer
it depends
the Rabbit Hole


Dunno why, but I've never been digest information conveyed via podcasts or instructional videos. Give me something written and I'll store it away in my memory forever.


I love Friday Afternoon Deploy!


The Ruby on Rails Podcast with Brittany Martin and of course Remote Ruby!

  1. Ladybug
  2. SE Daily
  3. Views on vue
  4. CodeNewbie
  5. The freeCodeCamp Podcast