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Ben Halpern
Ben Halpern

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Rubyist Hangout Thread

Hey, there! Join our weekly Ruby enthusiasts' meetup. We celebrate Ruby's 28-year legacy and everything community-approved, Ruby or not. Share with us:
🌟 Spotlight a Fellow Member: Highlight a Ruby enthusiast's accomplishments.
πŸ“– Share an Intriguing Read: Recommend compelling tech articles.
🌐 Current Buzz in the Sphere: Keep us informed on Ruby-related news!

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Lucian Ghinda

It is so hard to choose someone from Ruby community to highlight. I will write two but there are so many:

I like @yet_anotherdev new podcast:
I also like the efforts made by @fractaledmind during these weeks to educate about how to use SQLite in production and improve the Rails experience with it.

Intriguing read: I like this article by Miles

Current Buzz in the Sphere: I am excited by the upcoming Ruby 3.3 release. Already started playing locally with the preview

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Lucas Barret

Thanks for the shoutout Lucian !