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Jan 20: DEV Daily Discovery

Ben Halpern
A Canadian software developer who thinks he’s funny. He/Him.
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Please make a comment to this thread with a DEV post that you think deserves to be read more broadly. If it's your own post that's fine.

It could be recent, or it could be classic.

And then read through the thread and ❤️ posts where you like. I'm hoping that the wisdom of the crowds can help unearth some great content every day.

Use the post's link liquid tag to display it fully, i.e.:

{% link %}
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And feel free to add why you want to want to give it more love.

Don't worry about whether you've picked the best post, let the readers decide if it should rise to the top.

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Ben Halpern Author

Here is a really great post from our latest colleague at Forem @s_aitchison ...

How to make CSS look like physical paper.

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I'm writing a short, introductory book on Python for those coming from other languages. I'm more than 50% done so far, so I'm looking for more feedback and suggestions. I've learnt a lot myself too, things like cli options, nifty features like passing tuple to startswith or endswith string methods, official Python site has a nice glossary of terms, etc.

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Suzanne Aitchison (she/her)

I loved this post by @alenanik about making modals accessible - it has lots of really useful context about rules, implications and resources -

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Sohaib Tariq

As a new user of, I am looking for advice on how to increase my visibility and make the most of this platform. Your comments will be helpful for me and others like me.

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Ben Halpern Author