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Too much. At least 5-6 cups per day.


You are about spot on for the optimal amount according to John’s Hopkins.



Hello Steve, for a cup you are referring to an American mug? Because my coffee maker says it's 4 cups, but in reality I can only fill two "normal" American mugs.
And I drink those two mugs, or 4 cups daily.


What type of coffee do you drink? (Americano, espresso, etc) And how do you take it?


Americano with one spoon of sugar per 12oz give or take, and milk. About 5 of those per day


Depends πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ Normally 3-4 cups, and sometimes a cappuccino


Gotta ❀️ that mug! β˜•οΈ


Can't quite remember, it's a pretty old machine but still works really well. Normally they're around $120-150 though.


Glad I'm not the only one


Same, and I get the β€œHow are you even a developer, if you're not drinking coffee?!β€œ joke all the time.


4-6 cups a day.

But, disclaimer, I have confirmed with my general practitioner that moderate levels of caffeine have little to no effect on me specifically. At most, it nudges my body rhythm in the direction it's already going. More recently, I have also learned that because coffee (specifically coffee, not the caffeine) naturally boosts production of some neurotransmitters I tend to run low on, it does have a mild calming effect; the caffeine counteracts that benefit for most people, but as I said, it doesn't act that way on me.

The smell and taste are relaxing and remind me to focus, which make it excellent for work hours for me. I also enjoy a cup just before bed, as it complements my natural rhythm; nights I have coffee before bed, I fall asleep a little smoother than nights without, but the effect isn't so profound that I really need it, so I forget about it more nights than not!

I also take advantage of my love of coffee by requiring myself to finish drinking my refillable 16 oz bottle of water before I can refill my mug. As a result, my enjoyment of coffee ensures I drink the equivalent of 8-10 glasses of water a day.

I've further confirmed against a tolerance by skipping coffee altogether for days or weeks, and switching to decaf in other trials. Not only did skipping it have no effect on me (apart from losing the few aforementioned mild benefits), I could immediately resume my normal consumption levels after any length of time.

Mind you, I'm talking about regular drip or pour-over coffee, and I like it strong! Concentrated caffeine, such as in Americanos or cappuccinos, does cause a bit of shaking, so I avoid those altogether.

So, all that said, know your own body. Understand how different things affect your function, your mood, your body's rhythm, and your psychology. Also keep your general practitioner in the loop. There is no one size fits all.

P.S. If you drink decaf, look for Swiss water process decaffeinated beans. That process doesn't involve the chemicals that give typical store-bought decaf it's nasty taste. Swiss water process decaf tastes the same as regular coffee. Starbucks uses this process exclusively for its decaf.


Wow, good tip on the decaf. Gonna have to check this out!


Wow, such discipline! Sometimes I tell myself 'no more coffee until you finish your water', I should stick to that.


None. Some friends joke that I must be some kind of alien.


I'm the only person I know that alternates (in long stretches) between needing 3ish cups of coffee and somehow losing a taste for it for months at a time. I always drink tons of Earl Grey tea though. Like, 6 cups a day 😳. Currently haven't been off the coffee wagon for about a year.


"Tea. Earl Grey. Hot."


It beats drinking the "brown liquid which is almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea," as produced by the Nutrimatic Drinks Dispenser. (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)


I drink four cups of tea a day. Usually Earl Grey or Chai black, but sometimes try other flavors. About a year ago, I was drinking that many cups of coffee every day. I seem to feel better with tea 😊


A lot of coffee. At least 5 cups daily with 4pm cutoff. Prefer pour over.

The David Lynch House Blend from Allegro is my favorite brew at home right now.


2-3 cups a day. I would drink more but it’s too much work to make coffee via French press more than 1x a day. πŸ˜‚


As of a few weeks ago, none! Before that: 2-4 cups per day.


What prompted the change?

How did you go about it?

How are you feeling?


I was feeling increased levels of tiredness, grouchiness, and headaches. I backed off on the coffee about 1/2- to one cup less per day. When I was down to one cup of coffee per day, I switched to green tea and then weaned off of that as well. The whole process took less than a week. I now have much more consistent energy, and I am able to wake up much quicker (and earlier). When I do get tired, and I do, I am trying to shift my mindset to roll with whatever my body is needing, and enjoy the rest.


Usually around 4 - 5 cups a day.


Too much! 6-7 espresso!


Only one cup per day. Sometimes I'll have a tea in the afternoon if I get sleepy, but I'm pretty sensitive to caffeine.


Used to drink 1-2 cups per day, but with working from home now I usually drink tea so I don't have to brew a whole pot of coffee.


Not coffee, but a LOT of Cappuccino



As an ex-barista, I drink way more coffee than I am really supposed to. I normally start the day with 1 or 2 cups of black brewed coffee. Then I'll make a latte or cappuccino for myself before lunch. I'll have a cup of tea with lunch. Around 3 or 4, I get a cup of cold brew or hot coffee (depending on the mood I am in). Every once in a while I'll have a cup of coffee before dinner and then a cup of tea after dinner. This has been my usual schedule for about 3 or 4 years now, but I am not sure what negative impacts this may or may not have. The future will tell, I guess.


I bleed brown. Even worse, I'm a coffee dork (roasted and sold my own for a decade). Actually thinking of finally getting around to building that Linux powered coffee roaster I've wanted to build for almost 15 years now.


Two in the morning before work, one mid-afternoon and sometimes one after dinner!


I used to drink at least 2 (closer to 4) cups a day. Then, one day, I stopped. It's going on for maybe 4 years now and I only drink coffee socially and sometimes when I'm super-tired. I consider it the best health-related decision in my life. Not that drinking coffee is bad per se, but it wasn't doing to much good for me personally.


I started drinking coffee as a habit back in 2015 with 3-5 cups a day. But nowadays I only take one daily.
Sometimes I drink caffeine substitutes such as Guayusa


Since we went into lockdown and I finally had to invest in a coffee maker about 4 cups a day, about 10 cups of tea. Give me a coffee shop though and I'd reverse that. I'm also capable of drinking coffee within an hour of bedtime with no ill effects. Too many years of it I guess !


Too much, I've cut down a bit but I was drinking 2L a day at some point.

Now I prepare cold coffee in the evening in a French press and drink it cold little by little which somehow helped to reduce my consumption to 1 French press a day instead of 2 so that's progress

(also it might be complete rubbish but it's supposed to be less acidic and better for the tummy, who knows :x)


I have 4-5 cups in the morning and 2-3 cups between 2-4. I take a water break from lunch to 2 and switch to tea after 4.

So... 8 cups of coffee and 2 of black tea? Problem or superpower? Only time will tell.


It depends on how much I want to grind. I only take beans. So it means taking the time to prepare the thing. It's generally a good way to take a break and a good way to be social: offer coffee to my coworkers, etc. That said, maybe 2 cups at most, and none sometimes. But plenty of water.


At the moment being locked at home, only two. They are big cups though. My coffee machine says it's 8 normal cups. Which, at 150ml per cup (roughly) still puts me on a litre of coffee a day.

When in the office, much more coffee. The coffee machine there is much faster than the one I have at home


Oddly enough when I was at work I would have about 5-6 cups a day , ever since Covid-19 I am down to maybe 2 cups sometimes even 1. Granted one would think that I would drink more coffee while at home, but I guess not.

I must say that caffeine does not have almost no effect on how I work , I can drink it at 9pm which sometimes I usually do and can go to bed at 10pm, however I did notice that if I have say 1 mountain dew at 9pm it keeps me awake for few hours , I am not sure if its stronger or not.

I drink turkish and americano coffee (drip - breakfast blend)


4 cups! Haha, saying this makes me think I should probably dial it back a bit. I'm considering switching out 2 of the cups for decaf.

I go with the French Press... and the strength varies, but typically pretty strong.


Typically 1 cup, but with no consistency. I just got a french press, because I've honestly gotten sick of my Keurig (it's good for hot water, but not coffee) and it came with a milk frother! So my coffee intake is going to go up. I've actually gone about 2 months not drinking coffee, but drinking tea sporadically.


My Coffee Graph

I used to track it, in an attempt to keep it to

  • 2 cups a day
  • before noon
  • on days where I'm coding

But the tools I used to track it were running on hardware I had access to because of my old job, in part because I was also using those tools and techniques for my old job, and I haven't re-established anything for my new job.

For the new job, where I've worked either from home or my local coworking space, I am probably about 4+ cups a day, whenever. Although the few times I've had coffee in the evening, it has been decaf.


When I was in an office up to 4, mostly black americano from a Nespresso. Since covid around 2, from a stove top mocha pot.

That said, it's mostly because my partner has now also got the taste for it, having hated it before, and my mocha pot has about 4 shots in it :p


I didn't count for some time. To better cope with tiredness, I switched to 3 big cups a day.
Then I changed one for decaf. That allowed me to keep the habit, while still reducing caffeine.
Since then, I'm the happy addict I always aspired to be.


I used to drink 2-3 cups of super strong cold brew at the office pretty much every day, and regardless of how late it was. I got sick last year and took an extended leave and since then I stopped drinking all caffeine and beer. Now I drink like 2 cups of decaf every morning and the placebo effect seems to keep me energized.

Looking back on it I cringe over how much caffeine I consumed and wonder how much damage I did to myself as a result.


I limit myself to ~140mg of caffeine a day.

I usually drink a Monster Energy Zero Ultra or a OWYN Protein Cold Brew when I'm feeling actual coffee. It's hard to finish both without getting jittery, so I end up splitting it between breakfast and lunch.

Really miss having a nice espresso though. A nice cappucino or latte beats cold brew any day.


This week: 3 cups a day or so, to help ration out the remaining pop in the fridge
Typically: 1 cup a day and a few cans of pop
In the office: 2 cups a day and a bottle of pop
Ideally: 4 cups a day and no pop, simply to reduce calories and sugar in the day (I drink coffee black)

I don't notice any effects of caffeine on my sleeping/health, but 1. I've always drunk a lot of pop and 2. DNA testing (as much as you're willing to believe the results of that) says I shouldn't be sensitive to caffeine.


Next to none.



Usually one cup in the morning and switch to tea in the afternoon.
But sometimes I'll have another coffee instead.
I try and have at least one coffee free day per week and also one month a year without coffee.
If at home I use an Aeropress and if out I drink double shot Flat Whites.


Oooh, that's a big problem. I drink coffee every day.
In the good days, it's 1 cup and in bad days it's 2. When I drink two sometimes it affects the sleep and I'm sleepy the next day and I have to drink two again and it's ENDLESS!

Caffeine has really big affect on me though. After just one cup I'm like a superhuman.


None! I used to drink coffee every day last summer and thought I couldn't live without it but now I barely drink it.


None, not that this makes me any better than you coffee addicts :)

I've only drank coffee a few times in my life.



There is a lot of stereotype about coffee in tech industries, where more coffee == more code, but coffee is something that just doesn't work for me.


At least 4/5 cups from dawn to early afternoon. I don't drink any tea/coffee after afternoon, because it hampers a good sleep at night.


I've never drank any, the smell always puts me off. Does this mean I can't be a developer anymore?


Before quarantaine and mandatory wfh, I drank between 2 and 5 cups, it was my way of taking a break and stretch my legs. Now, I only drink 1 cup, sometimes 2


2/3 of a pot. I guess that's eight cups.


3 - 4 / day

But how much is too much?


1 a day trying to make 1 in every 2 days


I am drinking less coffee these days, but I am transitioning to high percent cocoa chocolate.
I feel as awake as drinking my first energy drinks as a teenageer.


was drinking 4 to 5 when I was in the office, but since I have been working from home, I average around 2