Have any DEV design concepts or ideas?

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We're going to be putting together some new stickers, t-shirts, hats, etc.

If you have any fun plays on DEV in any way, feel free to plop them in this thread for us to use. Or if you're not an artist and just have an idea, that's helpful too.

By posting here, you're giving us the right to use any of these graphics in any way. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Okay, these are horrible rough drafts, but I got some ideas:

A hybrid of the dev.together and the rainbow dev stickers

Something emphasizing the community nature of dev.to

A nevertheless, she coded shirt

Or, a lot of the quotes on your Instagram could make awesome shirts too!


I love doodling. Can that also be integrated into your designs?



With the polka-dots everywhere could be sick


This would look great on any textiles. T-shirt, sweater, hoodie, cap. Hell, even a water bottle (though not textile). I like the distressed look.


Thank you for your kind words! That's definitely the style I was going for.


Make it in japanese (pls not kanji), everything in japanese look cool for weebs like me


can confirm, japanese fonts makes everything more aesthetic

japanese aesthetic


Except "DEV" in Katakana/Hiragana (ใƒ‡ใƒ™๏ผใงใน๏ผ‰ would literally be pronounced "deb" or "debe." Japanese has no 'v' sound.


How about a DEV pocket tee with the DEV logo as the whole pocket? Ideally it'd be a pocket that has straight corners on the top with rounded edges on the bottom.

Some color combos:

  • Gray tee, classic black DEV
  • White tee, rainbow DEV
  • White tee, purple DEV
  • Black tee, rainbow DEV
  • Pink tee, black DEV
  • etc etc etc ๐ŸŒˆ

I read it as โ€teaโ€ and I was instantly โ€happyโ€... Got to drink some tea NOW. Speaking of which can we have tea cups labeled DEV?


This might be a stretch, but I like this GitHub Username T-shirt where you can have your GitHub username on the back. I don't like that it's physically written onto the shirt and would definitely prefer it to be personalizable (that's the stretch). Something like this but for "dev.to/username" might be neat with the "DEV" logo on the front.


For those kids of the 90's, an ode to a classic.

low quality jpegs and halftone:

script: gist.github.com/dotHTM/cd5e3c0ea36...


Cool! Makes me want to see an MTV-styled DEV logo ๐Ÿ˜„


Would you be able to help me and my baby son in our (my love of twinning) we have a ctrl+c t-shirt and a ctrl+v baby grow. However I'm a Mac user this won't do. I think my point is, baby swag for future devs. ๐Ÿ˜


Add splash-like background but instead of just color make it code colored splashes, similar to:


Not directly related, but does anyone have a Dev.together wallpaper? I got the png from the store page, but its pretty low quality. :(


Great idea but please don't have them manufactured in Bangladesh !


Replace the colour with some of the source code behind dev.to :p


Winter is coming...I would love kids hats, a toque, and newsboy hat! :)


Dang!, I just published a post on a small issue on Dev.to. Do have a couple of ideas, but I like most of the dev blog as it is!


Love the wrestling-inspired header image here.


Is there a topic for dev.to feature? Or should I use GitHub issues?


You can submit an issue or use the #meta tag


Don't have any design ideas but how about one of those "dad hats"... I'll definitely wear that like everyday


How do I get a dev tshirt for free ? ๐Ÿค” ๐Ÿคฃ


Hey Ben,I would like to request a feature,can you please show the number of followers in our profile.Please let me know if you have any plan to implement this.(if an extern person views my profile)

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