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Happy Birthday Ali Spittel

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DEV author, team member and 100x engineer Ali Spittel turns 25 today.

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What’s your favorite DEV post from Ali?

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Happy Birthday Ali

I used to doubt my path in software. Juggling between the backend and the frontend, I felt that my colleagues would take me less seriously if I focused on the frontend. You are a great inspiration and you have helped me to become empowered, creating a path between two routes, regardless of what others think.

This is my favorite post

Have a fun and meaningful time with your loved ones.


Best Wishes Ali!

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your skills and experience, I appreciate it so much. You're wonderful Mentor & Teacher.

Your articles are helping me on my path to become a Web Dev 😄

I love this one, it helps me through the difficult days.

Also digging the new Ladybug Podcast. Big thanks to all the lady🐞🐞🐞🐞❤️and an extra celebration to you on your birthday! Hip hip hoorah!
This was my first exposure to Ali's writing and it really was a game changer for my first job as a Dev having her resources. So happy to have her in this community and hope she has the best birthday!!


Happy birthday Ali! I love that you bring up topics about soft skills, and this post is one of my favorites. You are making the developer community a positive place to be in!


Happy Birthday, Ali! 🎂 I really appreciate all you do as an author, DEV team member, and teacher. Thanks for always sharing your amazing wisdom with us. 💕


Happy birthday, Ali!

This post is definitely my favourite one because the article is written by someone who understands the pain of newbies getting stuck in the "Tutorial Loop" and want to actually start building projects without the need to follow tutorial's instructions.

One important lesson I learn is how to pseudocode to help solve coding problems. It's thanks to that guide that I begin to make small, but tangible progress and decided to create join this platform.


The Beginner's Guide to was the post that finally convinced me to create an account on 🎉
Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday, Ali!
I love all of Ali's contributions to #jokes ... Ali's jokes never fail to make me smile.


Happy birthday, Ali!

Wow, so young! You have a great career in front of you! 😄


Happy Birthday! I look forward to listening to more podcasts and learning some great tips from you -x-

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