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Even though this is close to the theoretical floor in terms of adding true value

The value of functional code is always nebulous. With every line of code, you introduce the possibility for unexpected behavior, technical debt, and all sorts of problematic stuff. Even improving the code through strict refactoring means someone understands the code less because it changed since they last saw it.

Typos are 100% vertical gains. There's no questioning whether fixing a typo makes a project better (unless it's a code typo where some other untested code was relying on that typo, then we have a problem 😋).

I may have done something else before but the first open source PR I can remember was updating content on the Reactjs site. Just changing some facts which had gone stale. At the time the site was also hosted in the same repo as React the language, so I felt very proud to be a part of that contribution history.

I even felt proud making some changes to Rails that I never even opened a PR for (because I got lazy), but the fact that I'd had an opinion on low-level code and felt like the change was worthwhile was a pretty fulfilling moment in and of itself.

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