2 unit tests. 0 integration tests.

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(although I see a container right there 😁)


Containerization fixes everything!


Not quite. Not always. I remember really many cases when integration tests are not needed simply because that specific integration logic will be checked with any single smoke test.
To be more precise the situation on the photo has absolutely nothing to do with integration testing. It would fail exactly the same in case of unit test like "put the car on top of the box and lift it".


Depend on described use cases, this is undocumented user behavior!


Users. If we could only do without them, what a wonderful world it could be :-)


I was having trouble explaining integration vs unit test to my mentee once, and I showed her a couple of these jokes and she instantly understood.


Don't trust the user, add validation.


2 unit tests and 1 integration test but needed a 2nd with the input order flipped