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Settling with Sets 2.0 - Python

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Consider reading this first

1. Access elements

You can not access elements using index, so the only way is to loop through the elements, takes O(n) time.

2. Removing Elements

We have a 'remove' method to serve this purpose. It throws error if element is not in the set. To use remove(), first check if element is present. It take O(n) time to check element's presense.

Better to use 'discard()', as it does not throw any error even if element is not present.

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3. Pop

Pop() function can also be used to remove and return an element from the set, but it removes only the last element of the set.

As set is unordered there is no way to tell which element is removed. :D

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4. clear()

To remove all elements from set, use clear() method.

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  1. There is something 'frozenset' which makes a set immutable and then only those methods are applied which does not affect elements

  2. All mathematical operations are valid on these sets : union, intersection, difference, issubset, issuperset etc

  3. It does not support append()

  4. Consumer more memory than lists


keep reading :)

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