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re: Is UX Design just design? VIEW POST

re: The buzzword UX is really "just" product-design in the digital realm. Ideas like working with users from the start is nothing new. I've seen "UX"...

Yes Antonio, "Ideas like working with users from the start is nothing new.". Still, what I'm trying to do is to distinguish between any other designer not just graphic designers and a UX/Product Designer. If a designer include users in his process from the beginning and in almost every step of his process, he's a User Experience Designer, even if he doesn't know that.


If a designer doesn't include users from the beginning, I'd doubt what they are doing should be called "design". Maybe "speculative design", or "art".

In university (communications-design) there were no projects without a strong focus on early prototyping and testing.

My point is, design is always for users and their experience. So the "UX" is redundant IMHO.

In the article, I claimed that UX design is just design because design is about solving problems for users. UX Design wasn't a thing, it was called design, yes it's a buzzword but for the good because now we do care a lot more about users, we make more effort so what we make matches users needs, accomplish their goals and solve their problems.

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