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The 2023 Developer Relations compensation & culture report

🥑 It's ripe! I'm back as promised with results from our 2023 Developer Relations compensation & culture survey.

Now presenting: The 2023 Developer Relations compensation & culture report!

This year's report is produced with thanks to inimitable collaboration from industry leaders around the globe and builders like you and your peers in communities like this one.

It highlights the lived experiences of 136 Developer Relations professionals and it offers data focused on compensation, roles and responsibilities, expectations, and personal wellbeing in the industry in an effort to present a more holistic view of a career in DevRel. With it, we hope to empower more informed conversations for everyone in the community.

5 highlights from the report:

1️⃣ Across all industries and geographies, the median total gross compensation, pre-tax, for Developer Relations professionals is equivalent to $175,000 USD.
2️⃣ Developer Relations professionals most commonly report into marketing or Developer Relations/community departments.
3️⃣ According to 61.5% of respondents, the primary responsibility for Developer Relations professionals is creating educational content and resources.
4️⃣ A notable majority of DevRel professionals, 58.6%, are tasked with delivering on a primary business objective: product awareness.
5️⃣ When asked what would improve their physical, mental, or emotional wellbeing the most, 53.8% of respondents seek access to data that allows them to show the impact of their role on business objectives.

There are many ways to consume its contents. I invite you to try them all:

  • Read the blog post
  • Download the full report for free
  • Share the synopsis on LinkedIn
  • Or on Twxtter
  • Circle your favorite parts and discuss with a friend under the shade of a 🌳


Last year, DevRel professionals gave us some great ideas for improving the report. So if you have feedback for how we can level up next year's report too, I'd love to hear it!

With great admiration,
Rebecca and all the cats at Common Room

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