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Bebe Zi
Bebe Zi

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How to make responsive for mobile too...

I need to make a website and I have to make it work with mobile view. Here are the requirements:

"Designs need to be mobile compatible between the widths of 320px and 420px in portrait mode, and up to 810px in landscape."

I am struggling on making it like this however, I am learning and becoming more aware on creating more mobile friendly websites.


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Tayyab Ullah Khan

You can always do it through bootstrap, but that would mean includung a lot of css in your project that you are not going to use.
I would suggest you to make some media queries as per your project needs and include them to enhance responsiveness.

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ismail-dinar • Edited on

I think Bootstrap is good framework for such requirement. It is based on a grid system that uses a twelve column system and five default responsive tiers. You can read more about bootstrap grid system here.
It offers a lot of responsive components such as Navbars, containers, cards,etc
More about bootstrap components here
Bootstrap v4.5 is the latest stable version. Currently bootstrap v5 is in alpha.