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How to know what code to use?

I have been self-taught since December of 2019. I have a couple projects I want to build ground up.


  1. How do programmers best plan the designs for their ideas? I am not at all creative when it comes to layouts and colours so for now I ask my best-friend (she's not a programmer), to help me out with thatπŸ˜‚

  2. Is it normal for me starting out to be referring lots to google, stack overflow, etc. Just trying to figure out the best code to implement?

  3. How do experienced programmers just know how what code to write and barely have to reference; and what are things I can work on so I can work towards be a bit more like that?

If you have answers or tips to any or all the questions, that would be great!

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Pogacean Bogdan

I'm a self taught javascript developer since 2015 and I can definitely relate to your questions!

  1. Use other websites for inspiration. Sketch your app on a paper.

  2. It's normal to go on stack overflow and to google everything out that you don't understand. Try to stick to some good resources tough (like medium or

  3. Through experience. And for sure even a senior dev don't know everything from the beginning

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Bebe Zi Author

Thanks this is deffs helpful!