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Brian Douglas
Brian Douglas

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30 Days of OpenAI

For 30 days, I plan to test open-source Ai projects on GitHub and learn how to build a project myself. These posts will be short and focus on understanding what things you can create with Ai and what needs to be prepared.

image was generated using midjourney

I have been collecting a list of 30 projects created by developers like you and me to test out and look closely at the code. To name a few on my list:

Find more AI projects using OpenSauced

Oh and OpenAi is in the title, but this series will also focus on other Ai tools.

I plan update this post with links to all future posts, so if you want to bookmark this post for later, please do.

Day 1: AI generated git commit messages
Day 2: AI powered search with OpenAI embeddings
Day 3: AI generated room designs
Day 4: AI powered code debugging extensions

Day 5: AI powered photo aging
Day 6: AI generated Twitter bios
Day 7: AI powered movie recommendations
Day 8: AI powered census data
Day 9: Build your own ChatGPT starter kit

Finally, comment links to yours and other projects I should look at. Bonus points if they are open sourced and viewable on GitHub. I aim to get enough exposure to integrate Ai into my projects and live stream.

Stay saucy.

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musabshakil profile image

Hi @bdougieyo,

I've created Quickfix AI, a powerful Open AI-powered VS Code and Chrome extensions to simplify browsing and coding experience.


Looking forward to your feedback on Quickfix AI, and feel free to utilize it into your projects and live stream.

Btw I also checked out OpenSauced, both Insights and Hot are really amazing tools to find the best engineers in open-source. Open source is becoming a new HRMS. Now devs don't need a resume/cv to show their strengths and capabilities.

michaeltharrington profile image
Michael Tharrington

Rock on! Sounds like a really cool thing to focus on for 30 days. 🙌

This is kinda random, but what's that thing in your cover image? It looks kinda like a drum machine.

bdougieyo profile image
Brian Douglas

I am generating analog machines for the headers through midjourney. This one is a analog receipt machine. I'll add a note with the midjourney link moving forward.

michaeltharrington profile image
Michael Tharrington

Oooo that's what's up! I can see it now. Thanks for that explanation.

sip profile image
Dom Sipowicz

I updated the chat template today, give it a try here:

AI GPT-3 Chatbot Example – Vercel

Simple chat bot implemented with Next.js, API Routes, and OpenAI SDK (GPT-3).

0vortex profile image
TED Vortex (Teodor Eugen Duțulescu)

Count me in! :D

harinilabs profile image
Harini Janakiraman

Checkout ParallelGPT - we made it for batch processing with ChatGPT on a low-code spreadsheet UI. Hope you find it useful!