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How should we "fix" recruiting?

Do you think the tech community needs a new recruiting or staffing model? There seems to be a large amount of agreement that recruiting, interviewing, and staffing in tech is "broken" (with many more development jobs than people), but there aren't many "fixes". One concept is to put developers first with some sort of company (startup?) that solves common recruiting issues like making commissions/hourly rates transparent, offering to replace code exercises or technical interview "whiteboarding" with vetted personal web sites, and actually having recruiters that have technical knowledge (enough to Google acronyms, at least!)

Anyone have other ideas? How does this sound?

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Stefanos Kouroupis

I don't like recruitment as it is at the moment at all. The main reason is that it leaves limited space for a thorough investigation whether the position is nice or not. It's just mainly false advertising until you agree for an interview.

I once sai to a recruiter that surely you know how crap this position is...why did I have to waste 6 hours to partake in the most ridiculous interview process thative ever been in a clearly terrible position.

His answer was, obviously, that he has to.