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Bastien Chevallier
Bastien Chevallier

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Many ways to use Apollo

Apollo has established itself as the most widely used package to use GraphQL on the client side with React.

In each version, the usage of Apollo has evolved considerably. There are several ways to use Apollo.

Today separate between several packets:

  • @apollo/react-hooks
  • @apollo/react-components
  • @apollo/react-hoc

It is sometimes disturbing to work on another project using Apollo differently.

But keep calm

Keep Calm

Without going into details in this article. I created a GitHub project with 4 different ways to use Apollo :
- -

In the project, you would find a basic router, leading to 4 identical pages, all in a different way to use Apollo

These are described in /app/src/containers

If you are interested, I invite you to discuss or contribute if you have experienced a different way of using Apollo

Bastien Chevallier

PS: This was my first article, so if you have any constructive comments to improve me, feel free to

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